Citroen C4 colours guide and prices

The Citroen C4 is a practical, family-friendly hatchback. It’s a capable all-rounder, with a good range of engines, a stylish interior and plenty of interior space.

The C4 also looks decidedly more chic than its German rivals, but you have to pick the right colour to really make the most of them. So we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the right colour for the C4 and find out how much your perfect paint will cost.

Solid colours

Polar White – £0

Polar White is a simple yet smart colour for the C4, complementing its gentle curves and subtle design. It won’t hide dirt very well so trips to the car wash will be more frequent, but the colour should hold up well on the second-hand market.

Metallic colours

Perla Nera Black – £525

Black is a stylish and classy colour for a car. It looks good on pretty much every car out there, which means it’ll be popular with used-car buyers. But metallic black still shows dirt quite easily and you’ll have to be careful with cheap car washes, which can leave swirls.

Spirit Grey – £525

Spirit Grey is the colour to go for if you want a smart and understated shade. It’ll do well on the used-car market and be popular with second-hand buyers, while dirt should be hidden better compared to lighter colours.

Platinum Grey – £525

If you want a colour that’ll help you blend into the crowd then Platinum Grey really is the one for you. It’s simple and effective, looking good draped over the C4’s lines. Trips to the car wash shouldn’t be too frequent and the colour will be popular on the second-hand market.

Ink Blue – £525

This is the colour to pick if you want something a little different. Deep blue isn’t a particularly common shade but it works well with the C4’s design. It will hide dirt fairly well because it’s a darker shade, but it won’t quite be as popular with used-car buyers.

Ultimate Red – £525

Ultimate Red is the shade to choose if you want your C4 to stand out from the rest. It’s a loud, bright and eye-catching colour that hides dirt pretty well. A car with this colour may be harder to sell second-hand though.

Cumulus Grey – £525

Cumulus Grey is another simple but smart metallic option for the C4. It’s lighter than some of the other grey colours on offer, so dirt will be more obvious. But it will be popular with anyone buying your C4 after you’re done with it.

Pearlescent colours

Pearl White – £730

As the only pearlescent paint on offer, Pearl White is a little more expensive compared to metallic paints. But you pay for the added flair and sparkle you’ll get under bright lights. Dirt will be obvious on a Pearl White car and it should be a popular shade for the used car market.

Save money on your Citroen C4

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