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Honda Jazz colours guide and prices

The Honda Jazz makes a very compelling case for itself in the supermini class. It boasts class-leading interior space, practicality, and reliability, while build quality and refinement are above average, too.

When it comes to personalising the Jazz, Honda offers buyers a choice of eight paint colours to choose from. We’ve collected images of each of the options, their prices and how wise each will be from a financial point of view.

Read our comprehensive car paint types guide for a better idea of how modern car finishes differ from each other.

Solid paint finishes

Honda offers two no-cost paint options for buyers who would rather spend their money elsewhere. Unlike the spread laid on by many manufacturers though, the two choices here are bright and distinctive, so they are well worth a look.

Milano Red Solid – £0

A bright scarlet will help the Jazz stand out both on the road and the car park, though it’ll also help the dirt to stand out on its surface too. It won’t cost you a penny extra though, so it’s ideal if you’re on a budget.

Sunset Orange – £0

It’s certainly a refreshing choice among so many grey and silver cars on the roads, but Sunset Orange might not be to everyone’s taste, which will have an adverse effect on resale values.

Metallic paint finishes

Tiny aluminium flakes mixed into the paint produces the sparkly effect you see in metallic paint. In the case of Honda, some paint finishes are what are known as ‘pearlescent’ finishes. These replace the metal for prism-like pieces of transparent plastic, giving off an almost iridescent look in bright light, with colours that gradually change shade depending on how you look at them.

Alabaster Silver Metallic – £500

SIlver is a very safe choice for the Jazz. Not only will it be popular with buyers come trade-in time – securing the car’s long-term value – but it’s also a colour that does a better job than most at hiding dirt!

Attract Yellow Pearl – £500

Perhaps the most eye-catching shade in the Jazz range, Attract Yellow is certainly a finish that you’ll need to keep clean to keep at its best. As with the other metallic and pearlescent options, it’ll cost an extra £500 on top of the standard Jazz.

Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic – £500

This modestly titled shade of royal blue helps to make the Jazz stand out, and because blue cars are among the most prolific on the road, it shouldn’t put off to many buyers when it comes to selling.

Crystal Black Pearl – £500

It’s hard to think of a car which doesn’t suit black, so it’ll always be a safe choice which will maintain steady residual values.

Tinted Silver Metallic – £500

Buyers with sponge or manual labour allergies should be pleased to see Tinted Silver on the colour list for the Jazz because grey cars tend to be among the best at hiding dirt. It’s an agreeable shade, too, so there should be little hassle when it comes to trade-in time.

White Orchid Pearl – £500

With white cars in the height of fashion, the £500 outlay for White Orchid might well be a wise investment. White cars are a nightmare to keep clean though – worth bearing in mind if you like your cars to be as low maintenance as possible.

Jazz up your life

If you’ve found your ideal colour, it’ll be worth taking a look at how well the Jazz compares to its closest rivals in our comprehensive review. If you want to see how well it measures up (literally) our dimensions guide takes a look at the baby Honda’s vital stats.

Save money on the Honda Jazz

Configure your ideal car in our Honda Jazz configurator and the UK’s friendliest Honda dealers will be in touch with their best offers.

Honda Jazz

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