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How do I get the best deal on a new car?

November 20, 2015 by

It’s only natural to want the best deal when buying a car – you’ve worked hard for your money, so why not make it go as far as possible? You’re already in the right place by visiting carwow, so here are some great tips for making sure you get the best deal possible.

Know what car you want

Car dealers love customers who know exactly what they want. If you know the model, trim level and even the colour of the car you want then you’re off to a good start. Having this knowledge will make the buying experience as smooth as possible, and help you avoid buying a car you didn’t really want in the first place! You can use carwow’s car reviews to find out the finer details of the car you want – and you won’t even need to visit a dealer to get the best deal possible if you buy it from a carwow dealer.

… but be flexible

Ordering a new car from the factory usually means waiting anywhere between four weeks and 10 months for delivery. Often you can beat the wait by buying a car that a dealer already has in stock – although you’ll often have to compromise a little on the car’s spec.  A quarter of all cars sold on carwow are stock cars, so compromising is a popular choice.

The cars in stock may not be exactly what you’re after (you may have to settle for a different colour to the one you had in mind), but if you can’t wait for a car then it’s a great way to drive a new car away in a matter of days, instead of waiting weeks.

 Remember – if you buy your car using carwow you may get a big enough saving that you can afford the next model up, or add more options to your car. Configure more than one car using carwow to get an idea of how much you could save. Click the green button on our homepage to configure a car and start receiving offers.