Tesla Model U: behind the scenes

Tim Rodie
January 15, 2015

How did we take a classic pickup truck and bring it slap bang into the 21st century with an Tesla version? Find out!

When we at carwow set out to imagine what Tesla’s 2016 model range would look like, we couldn’t miss out on one of the biggest global car markets: the pickup truck.

In creating the Tesla Model U we strived to keep the practical functionality of a pickup, namely a wide and useable load bed, but with some Tesla tweaks. We don’t think Tesla would risk alienating more conservative truck buyers by changing the look of a pickup too radically, so we’ve gone for a more evolutionary design.

See how we arrived at the final 2016 Tesla pickup below, and check out the design sketches for our Tesla hypercar and Tesla city car too.

… and here are the final images

Images by YasidDESIGN