Supercar spare parts don't come cheap!

Spare parts are not glamorous. They rank highly among life's irritations, only popping into the conciousness at times of annoyance; when you have pranged a wing mirror or when pieces of your engine's internals have become externals, spread all over the A46.
If your daily run-around is run of the mill, a quick call to your friendly local dealership is all it takes to purchase any parts you may need and get things fixed up. Specialist items may take a couple of days to arrive from the manufacturer, but you can be sure that you will be on your way with your car in the shape the manufacturer intended before you know it.
Some enthusiastic, oily-fingered types are however of the scrap yard persuasion, sifting through the rusted, forgotten forefathers of their vehicle, finding and then fitting replacement parts in their damp, grimy garages.
But what happens if there is more exotic metal on your driveway? What do you do if you don't want to fit your 1968 Miura with a Vauxhall Astra door handle in beige primer?
Luckily there is an answer, and it's called Eurospares.
Eurospares is a fascinating company. They specialise in supplying spare parts and coachwork for the three big Italian brands: Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. They hold a stock of items that covers 12,000 square feet, and break over 40 cars per year. Their website is a motoring geek's dream, an automobilia fetishist's ultimate jumble sale. Many hours can be lost in searching for ever more random items.
Ferrari 458 engine
For example, if the windscreen of your Countach 5000S is beginning to smear a bit in the rain they will sell you a wiper blade for it for around a tenner. However, if you were after something to make your Hyundai i10 stand out from the crowd, they will also sell you a set of four polished, diamond-cut Lamborghini Gallardo wheels for 5,000.
From the easy to come by (how about a carpet set for your 612 Scaglietti for 165?) to the far more specialist (alternator for a Maserati Ghibli: 425), they have it all. Some of it is very expensive like the complete Ferrari Testarossa engine for 15,000 yet some of it is very cheap just five pence for a Ferrari bolt, complete with prancing horse.
Other highlights include -
Lamborghini Diablo side skirt - 1,207 each
Ferrari F50 key - 375
Maserati Quattroporte Technical CD - 400
Ferrari Dino seats - 5,995
Lamborghini Murcielago Carbon Interior kit - 8,500
Ferrari F40 fuel guage - 198
They also have a cars breaking section of their website, which for an enthusiast is heart-wrenching; seeing all those exotic dreams ending their lives as twisted, oxidised lumps of metal. It is somehow difficult to look at these once proud supercars as they sit crumpled and static. The bright orange, 4,000-mile, year 2000 Lamborghini Diablo is particularly forlorn.
Without wishing to come over too misty eyed, it is some comfort that they end up here, ready to donate their metallic organs to keep others of their breed on the road.
I suggest you visit the site and spend some time there. Even as a non-owner it's fascinating stuff.
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