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Santa’s favourite cars of 2015

It’s around this time of year that Santa makes a list and checks it twice to see who has been naughty or nice over the past 12 months.

To help him pick presents for the 2.2 billion people who are expecting one, we’ve selected four cars that are the perfect presents for anyone who’s been nice throughout the year. We’ve also picked four cars that would suit those who have been naughty, because getting coal year after year gets a bit boring…

City runabout

Santa realises that all some people want for Christmas is a handy small car to make city driving easy, so we’re starting unwrapping the presents from here.

Nice – Renault Zoe

What better gift for someone who has been on their best behaviour throughout the year than a pearl-white Renault with a lovable name – the Zoe?

This small all-electric car is one of the best city runabouts currently on sale. You get all the benefits of electric propulsion such as silent running, no gears to change, impressive acceleration up to urban speeds and around 2p per mile running costs in electricity. And because it’s a city car you’d rarely get to experience the drawbacks of electric cars such as the limited range, poor high-speed performance and long recharge times.

Naughty – Abarth 695 Biposto

The complete opposite of the silent and white Zoe is the very loud, stealth grey Abarth 695 Biposto. Advertised as the smallest supercar, the Biposto has two race car bucket seats, no rear seats, no door trims, no infotainment and a rally-car-style gearbox – all essential in a city runabout, naturally. There are more sensible, more spacious, more practical, quieter and easier to drive superminis, but there isn’t another that fits so much aggression in such a small package.

Family transport

Next up under what will have to be a huge christmas tree is the automotive equivalent of getting socks as a present — the family car.

Nice – Skoda Superb Estate

With the largest boot in its class, frugal diesel engines, a well-made cabin, generous equipment levels and a reasonable price, the Skoda Superb is very hard to fault. The first two generations of the Superb were good, but the latest iteration swept car testers off their feet. You’d struggle to get much more for the money, so the Superb is the best present for someone who has done only good deeds throughout the year. 

Naughty – Mercedes-AMG E63 AMG Estate

Admittedly 585hp, a locking rear differential, 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds and a 186mph top speed aren’t typical family-car characteristics. However, the fastest E-Class Estate can also carry four adults in comfort, has a boot as big as the Skoda and – depending on the driving mode you’ve selected – it can be sportier or more comfortable than the Superb. What makes this a naughty car is the obscene noise it makes and its ability to do powerslides as well as any supercar.

Company cars

Christmas gifts from the workplace rarely stretch beyond a box of chocolates or a funny coffee mug, but what if you received a brand new company car for christmas?

Nice – Ford Mondeo Vignale

The regular Mondeo is one of the most well-received cars in the motoring press and it’s a great car for motorway cruising. For Ford, that’s not quite enough – the company wants to give Mondeo drivers the sort of luxury that was previously only available in a Mercedes. Here’s where Vignale comes in – Ford’s posh sub-division that makes Fords feel posher. Judging by reviews the Mondeo Vignale is the best Mondeo you can have as a company car, thanks in part to the posh leather interior it gets over the standard car.

Naughty – Maserati Quattroporte

If you’re a successful businessman or woman who needs to be seen as restrained, stylish and a little bit flush, then the Maserati Quattroporte is the perfect Christmas gift from you to you. It looks good without being brash, rides comfortably without compromising the handling and it’s supremely quiet 98% of the time. However, when you floor the throttle and hear the magnificent sound of the Ferrari-developed engine, you’ll realise the Quattroporte can be properly naughty.

Weekend fun

Now we’ve gone through the presents for the adults, there are two left under the tree. They’re aimed at the child in all of us and are the best choices if you want a fun car to drive on weekends.

Nice – Mazda MX-5

If the MX-5 was going to school it would ace all its exams and have a pen or two handy in case it has to write something important down for tomorrow’s class. The MX-5 is such a good all-rounder it’s safe to say Mazda did its homework on this one — it’s inexpensive to run, reasonably priced and huge fun to drive.

Naughty – BMW M235i

While the MX-5 is sitting in the front seat listening attentively, the BMW is in the back doodling in its note book. The M235i is an old-school sports car that keeps the recipe simple – big engine in the front, power to the rear wheels and a smiling driver in the middle. At a glance it doesn’t look very naughty, but as soon as you start driving it, you’ll be reacquainted with your inner hooligan.

Save money on your new car in 2016

So there you have it – under the world’s largest Christmas tree are eight presents that are – oddly enough – shaped like cars.

If you’ve seen the perfect present for yourself and can’t wait for Santa to squeeze it down your chimney, then you can configure most of the cars above in our configurator and see how much you can save if you buy it from one of our trusted dealers. Just click on the green button on our homepage to get started.

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