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Skoda Karoq colours guide and prices

January 28, 2021 by

You’re in luck if you’re in the market for a new family SUV, as there are loads of very capable options you can pick from. One that’s definitely worth having on your radar is the Skoda Karoq – all versions are comfy to drive and come with plenty of kit, and the spacious and well-built interior can handle anything that family life can throw at it.

In keeping with the car’s more muted and sensible styling, there are quite a few monochrome colour options on the Skoda Karoq. That’s not to say there aren’t any exciting paints available – you can pick from reds, bright blues and even a metallic brown if that’s your thing. Keep scrolling down to check out this comprehensive advice guide on all of the colour options on the Skoda Karoq.

  • Energy Blue
  • Black Magic
  • Brilliant Silver
  • Business Grey
  • Candy White
  • Emerald Green
  • Magnetic Brown
  • Meteor Grey
  • Moon White
  • Petrol Blue
  • Quartz Grey
  • Race Blue
  • Crystal Black
  • Velvet Red
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Energy Blue – No-cost option

While the higher-spec Skoda Karoqs come with quite a few free paint options, the only no-cost colour available on the more affordable models is Energy Blue. It’s also a solid paint, which means it doesn’t have quite the same sheen as a metallic or pearlescent colour – though that doesn’t stop Energy Blue from being an eye-catching colour that suits the Skoda’s styling well. Energy Blue can be specified on most versions of the Skoda Karoq, though do bear in mind this colour isn’t available on the Sport Line trim.

Black Magic – £595 (no-cost option on Sport Line and Edition trims)

Black is an uncontroversial colour to have your car painted in, so a Skoda Karoq in Black Magic shouldn’t be hard to find a buyer for come resale time. Making this paint an even more appealing pick is its pearlescent finish, which gives it a premium-feeling deep sheen on a sunny day. Black paints are notorious for showing up dirt really easily, though so that upmarket look can be lost if you don’t wash your Skoda Karoq regularly.


Brilliant Silver – £595 (no-cost option on Sport Line and Edition trims)

While Skoda offers quite a few grey paints on the Karoq, the only option for buyers who want something a bit lighter is the Brilliant Silver shade you see here. As it’s a bright colour, this shiny silver will also need regular cleaning to keep looking factory fresh. Keep on top of that, though, and you’ll have a very smart-looking Skoda Karoq that shouldn’t be hard to sell on the used market.

Business Grey – £595 (no-cost option on Edition trim)

The first of the grey paint options is Business Grey – a safe and sensible colour choice that won’t be hard to sell on. The Business Grey paint’s metallic finish adds a bit of depth to what would otherwise be a nondescript monochrome colour, and it should be dark enough to disguise dirt and road grime pretty well. Business Grey is available on most Skoda Karoq versions, though you can’t spec it on the Sport Line model.

Candy White – £595 (no-cost option on Edition trim)

Candy White is one of the Skoda Karoq’s many colour options that suits the car’s more subdued styling, and should also appeal to used buyers. Because it’s a solid paint, Candy White doesn’t shine as brightly as an equivalent metallic white, though you’ll likely only notice the lack of a sparkly sheen on a sunny day. As with all white paints on cars, though, it’ll look really dirty very quickly if you don’t wash the car regularly. Like most of the Karoq’s colour options, Candy White is available on all versions bar the Sport Line spec.

Emerald Green – £595 (no-cost option on Edition trim)

Not every paint option on the Skoda Karoq is a safe and sensible shade – there are also some less conventional colours, such as the shade of Emerald Green you see here. It won’t have the same widespread appeal as a black, white or grey, but Emerald Green is dark enough to not turn away too many potential used buyers. Plus, as it’s such a deep colour, Emerald Green should be an easy paint to keep looking factory fresh. You can have Emerald Green on all versions of the Skoda Karoq, apart from the Sport Line spec.

Magnetic Brown – £595 (no-cost option on Edition trim)

Possibly the quirkiest colour you can spec on the Skoda Karoq is this paint option called Magnetic Brown. Much like Emerald Green, it likely won’t be the most popular colour option, though Magnetic Brown should also be subdued enough to not turn away used buyers come resale time. Because this is a really dark colour, keeping it looking clean shouldn’t be a problem. If Magnetic Brown is the colour for you, do bear in mind it isn’t available on the Sport Line trim.

Meteor Grey – £595 (no-cost option on Sport Line and Edition trims)

The lightest of the Skoda Karoq’s three grey paint options, Meteor Grey is a colour that should be easy to keep looking clean, and also should strike a chord with second-hand buyers. Plus, unlike some of the other paint options on this list, Meteor Grey is available across the entire Skoda Karoq range. Do bear in mind that, unlike the other grey options, Meteor Grey has a solid finish rather than a metallic one, which means it can look a little bit flat depending on the light conditions.

Moon White – £595 (no-cost option on Sport Line and Edition trims)

In comparison with the similar Candy White colour, Moon White is a little bit cooler, due to the subtle silver tinge in the paintwork. That hint of silver is accentuated a little bit further by the shiny flakes that make up this colour’s metallic finish. Despite being a slightly fancier colour than Candy White, though, Moon White will still require a lot of scrubbing to keep looking spotless. If this colour is your preferred pic, you can spec it on all versions of the Skoda Karoq.

Petrol Blue – £595 (no-cost option on Edition trim)

Whereas the no-cost Energy Blue is a fairly vivid colour, Petrol Blue is a bit more muted in comparison. That should make it a bit more appealing with second-hand buyers, and should also mean it won’t need washing as regularly to keep looking shiny and clean. Other than the Sport Line trim, Petrol Blue is available as a colour option across the rest of the Skoda Karoq range.

Quartz Grey – £595 (no-cost option on Sport Line and Edition trims)

As its name suggests, Quartz Grey is a safe and sensible dark grey that’s been spiced up a little bit by a purple hue. Because the purple hint is very subtle, a Skoda Karoq in Quartz Grey shouldn’t be hard to sell when it’s time to upgrade to a new car, and the paint is made more appealing by the sparkly glimmer from its metallic finish. Plus, it should do a good job at disguising any dirt that’s built up on the bodywork.

Race Blue – £595 (no-cost option on Sport Line and Edition trims)

On a screen, it isn’t easy to tell apart Race Blue from the no-cost Energy Blue option. It should be more straightforward to differentiate the two out on the road during a sunny day, though: Race Blue is the slightly darker of the two colours, and the metallic flakes in the paintwork give off a sparkly finish under bright lights. Fittingly, Race Blue is offered on the Sport Line trim, though you can also spec this colour on the rest of the Skoda Karoq range.

Crystal Black – £975 (£380 on Sport Line and Edition trims)

Because Crystal Black isn’t a pearlescent paint, it doesn’t have as deep a sheen as Black Magic does. However, it’s still a smart-looking colour thanks to the metallic finish, and Crystal Black is also a colour that contrasts nicely with exterior trim pieces like the shiny grille surround. Like all black paints, Crystal Black is a bit of a high maintenance colour – as well as being a paint that shows up dirt easily, it can also be blemished by swirl marks when you’re cleaning the car.

Velvet Red – £975 (£380 on Sport Line and Edition trims)

Because Velvet Red is one of the Skoda Karoq’s priciest paint options, you likely won’t see many finished in this distinctive shade. If you do spec this colour on your car, though, you’ll have a very eye-catching Skoda Karoq. The vivid red also gives the Karoq a slightly sportier look – especially if you spec this paint on the Sport Line trim. On a more practical note, Velvet Red shouldn’t be too difficult a colour to keep looking clean and factory fresh.

Skoda Karoq

A sensible family SUV that’s practical and well-built
£22,105 - £37,070
Read review Compare offers

Skoda Karoq

A sensible family SUV that’s practical and well-built
£22,105 - £37,070
Read review Compare offers