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Skoda Karoq colours guide and prices

The Skoda Karoq is the firm’s latest SUV – it replaces the popular Yeti and sits below the Kodiaq in Skoda’s range. Read our in-depth review to find out more information about Skoda’s newest SUV, and check out our guide to all the paint colours you’ll be able to order. We can tell you how the colour of your Karoq affects the ability to sell it on and how easy it’ll be to keep clean, along with how much each shade will cost.

Non-metallic finishes

Candy White – £0

White is a popular colour at the moment and many SUVs sell very well in white. Skoda has clearly realised this, offering a choice of two white hues on the Karoq. While this is likely to be the cheapest and the least bright, it’ll still sell with no problems at all on the used market. As you’d expect, white cars show up every speck of dirt so you might get well acquainted with the employees of your local car wash.

Energy Blue – £0

It might not be a popular monochrome shade, but this Energy Blue colour should be a good choice in terms of looking smart and resale ability – as a free colour, you won’t be losing any money on it. Unless you’re planning to traverse a particularly muddy field, this shade won’t need all that much cleaning.

Meteor Grey – £0

This non-metallic Meteor Grey colour is one of the standard shades across the Karoq range and is a no-cost option. It looks smart and it’ll be easy to sell on, and a colour like this should mask all but the worst grime and dirt.

Metallic finishes

Magnetic Brown – £555

Brown is a fashionable colour at the moment and this chocolatey shade should be a smart buy if you like the look of it. The demand for this brown should still be big enough in a few years to be able to sell it without many problems and, of course, it’s probably the colour that’ll need the least cleaning seeing as it’s kind of dirt coloured anyway.

Emerald Green – £555

This green won’t be too common, but it looks smart and could be worth specifying if you want your Karoq to stand out. It won’t require too much cleaning and even though it might take a brave buyer, its richness and metallic shine should mean you’ll be able to shift it without too many problems.

Business Grey – £555

The no-nonsense name matches the smart colour of this shade, which is darker than Meteor Grey but lighter than Quartz Grey. It might be seen as quite a conservative choice, but used buyers will really go for this colour and it won’t need to be cleaned as regularly as the lighter options.

Moon White – £555

This metallic colour might look very similar to Candy White above, but in some lights you’ll be able to see the paint sparkle so it might be worth the extra outlay. White is always a good choice because it’ll certainly do well on the used market. While it looks smart and brings out the Karoq’s lines well, this shade will need a lot more scrubbing to keep it clean and shiny.

Cappuccino Beige – £555

This is a silvery colour, but with hints of beige and sand which should help it stand out from the standard silver. It could well be a popular choice so it won’t be too strenuous to find a prospective buyer, and it should mask more grime than the silver and white hues.

Brilliant Silver – £555

Unusually, Skoda is only offering one silver shade on its Yeti replacement, but it’s smart and shows off the Karoq well. As a result, this metallic colour will sell very quickly at resale time, although it’ll show up a lot of dirt so it might not be the best choice if you’re taking your car off-road.

Quartz Grey – £555

This hue is darker than the Business Grey above, making it look slightly more refined and expensive. That’s no doubt helped by the metallic flakes in the paintwork and it’ll be very easy to find a buyer when it’s time to sell. If you’re planning to take your Karoq into the wilderness, this will be a better choice than the black paint or the much lighter shades – it won’t be too difficult to keep it shiny.

Petrol Blue – £555

Petrol Blue is lighter than Energy Blue and could be the shade of blue to go for because it’ll accentuate the Karoq’s design like a sharp suit. There’ll be plenty of potential buyers queueing up to buy it off you and you won’t need to visit the car wash as often as the lighter shades.

Velvet Red – £900

Again, a shade like this may be a brave choice, but it suits the Karoq and will certainly stand out. It might take longer to find a buyer, but as it’s not overly bright or garish you should be able to sell it without too much hassle. However, you probably won’t recoup the extra cost. A colour like Velvet Red should also be pretty good at repelling dust and dirt.

Pearl Effect finishes

Black Magic – £555

This colour is the only black shade available and could represent good value at £555. Used buyers will flock to a smart shade like this so it’s a good bet if you don’t want any headaches. It should be fairly easy to keep clean, although black does show up more dirt than some other dark colours and cheaper car washes can leave annoying swirly marks on the paintwork.

Find out more about the Skoda Karoq

The Karoq is on sale right now. Visit our Karoq review for all the information about Skoda’s newest SUV.

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