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Jaguar F-Pace colours guide with prices

The Jaguar F-Pace is a handsome new SUV that’s aimed at swaying buyers away from the likes of the Audi Q5 and the Range Rover Evoque. The F-Pace costs from £34,170, it’s available for delivery in early 2016.

We’ve put together a guide with a price, picture and review of each of the 14 colours on offer. If you’re unsure which paint type is which, have a look at our car paint types guide to see the differences between solid, metallic and special finishes.

Solid paints

Polaris White (£0)

There are two no-cost paint options for the F-Pace. Polaris White is truly white with no beige or silver hints that you get with some other options. The popularity of white has risen in recent years, meaning it’s easy to get sell on when the time comes. You’ll have to keep on top of the cleaning if you want it looking good though – white cars attract muck like magnets.

Ebony Black (£0)

Jaguar has kept it simple – alongside white, the other no-cost option is black. It’s the darkest colour in the range and it adds an immediate air of class to the F-Pace. It won’t be a hassle to sell on and shouldn’t show up road grime either. Being a solid, dark colour, however, it’ll show up swirl marks from cheap car washes easily.

Metallic paints

Glacier White (£675)

You’ll have to decide yourself whether this is worth the extra money over the no-cost white, but Glacier is a slightly darker, more understated hue than Polaris. Although it’ll show up dirt just as easily, being metallic will mean it’ll shimmer nicely in any light. Metallic whites are always popular on the resale market, so you’ll have no problems there either.

Ultimate Black (£675)

In spite of its name, Ultimate isn’t the darkest of blacks, but it is the darkest metallic shade on offer. The F-Pace wears black very well and this choice gives it a suitably menacing look. You needn’t visit the car wash too regularly, and black is always popular on the used car market. Like Glacier White and Polaris White, it’s down to personal preference whether to pick this over the no-cost black option.

Ammonite Grey (£675)

This is an understated grey that gives the car a business-like look. It’s a good choice if you do lots of miles between cleaning-pit stops – not only will it hide grime well, but it’ll also be difficult to see any small scratches it picks up. Like black, grey is always a popular choice, so your resale value should be good.

Dark Sapphire Blue (£675)

Jaguars always look great in a dark blue – although it’s the brand’s first SUV, the F-Pace pulls this off too. This colour remains understated while giving the car a truly elegant appearance. Being a darker colour, it won’t show up the great body of the F-Pace as some lighter shades would, but that means it won’t show up dirt that easily either. Used buyers won’t be put off by this shade, either.

British Racing Green (£675)

Out of all the colours on offer, this one needs no introduction. It’s perhaps not an obvious choice for an SUV, so it probably won’t be that popular. Nevertheless, it still manages to look good – it makes the F-Pace an imposing car without being too brash or loud. It’ll hide road grime well, although resale value may not be as high as the blacks or greys on offer.

Quartzite (£675)

Quartzite is a nice, if unusual shade. Like Ammonite Grey, it’s a good choice if the F-Pace will be doing a lot of miles between washes – it’ll hide dirt well. Though it probably won’t be as popular as the greys on offer, it should hold its value fairly well and shouldn’t be too bothersome to sell on.

Italian Racing Red (£675)

Despite not being a colour that immediately springs to mind for this type of car, Italian Racing Red looks great. You’d be more likely to see an F-Type this shade but, thanks to the F-Pace’s swoopy styling, it works fantastically. It’ll need regular cleaning to look good and will likely have a lower resale value when you trade it in, though.

Odyssey Red (£675)

This is the darker of the two reds – the colour to choose if you aren’t too keen on the more dazzling choice above. It shows off the body’s attributes and it’ll draw you more attention than some other colours. You won’t need to wash the car too often but you might have to hang around a little longer to sell it on compared to black or silver cars.

Rhodium Silver (£675)

A colour that would suit any car well, Rhodium is the silver option in the range. It’ll hide small scratches well and should have a good resale value but plenty of cleaning will be needed to keep this light colour looking good. Depending on the trim you choose, it might detract from some of the chrome detailing on offer.

Premium paints

Tempest Grey (£1,700)

A mean-looking hue that suits would likely suit any SUV, it’ll work well with the car’s imposing styling. Being grey it’ll be a doddle to keep clean, and should shine up fantastically thanks to the Premium paint. Its massive price, however, means you should think twice before picking this shade.

Storm Grey (£1,700)

This is another premium grey. It suits the F-Pace just as well as Tempest but is a few shades darker so should hopefully hide road grime even better. It’s down to personal preference between these two hues but, like all three premium options, you’ll struggle to make back what you spent on the colour come resale time.

Ingot (£1,700)

Ingot is somewhere between Quartzite and Rhodium Silver. The F-Pace looks at home in this colour and it’s arguably the classiest option available. Being a premium metallic, it’ll have a great shimmer to it but, being quite a light shade, it’ll need to see a car wash quite regularly to keep it looking its finest. Again, used buyers will happily buy this shade but you’re unlikely to make back the high price.

What next?

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