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SEAT Ibiza colours guide and prices

If the Ibiza’s blend of good value for money and strong equipment levels makes it the ideal car for you, let our complete colours guide help you pick the perfect paint job. If you’d like to know more about the various finishes on offer, read our paint types guide for more details. See how much you could save on a new SEAT Ibiza using our car configurator tool. If you’re not sure what car is best for you, read our list of the best small cars currently on sale or take a look at our deals pages and car chooser tool for further options.

Solid paint finishes

Mediterranean Blue – £0

Mediterranean Blue is a nondescript navy blue shade that should hide dirt fairly well. It’s the only non-cost option currently available but it shouldn’t present any issues when the time comes to sell.

Emocion Red – £250

Second hand supermini buyers may appreciate bright, bold shades more than most, so this solid scarlet paint should make your car fairly easy to sell on when the time comes. You’ll need to clean it regularly to keep it looking its best, however.

White – £250

White has proved to be one of the most fashionable colour choices of recent years. As a result, an Ibiza in this shade should prove easy to sell on the second hand market – it’ll be a complete nightmare to keep clean, however.

Metallic paint finishes

Alor Blue – £530

This vibrant blue shade really helps the Ibiza stand out on the road. The lightness of this hue does mean it’ll do a poorer job of hiding dirt and grime than darker alternatives, however.

Apollo Blue – £530

Slightly lighter than Mediterranean Blue, and benefitting from a metallic finish, Apollo Blue could be ideal for drivers looking for a classy yet restrained look. This colour should do an average job of hiding dirt and it’ll probably prove popular with second hand buyers, too.

Lima Green – £530

It might not be to everyone’s taste, but Lima Green may appeal to drivers hoping to make a statement with their new car. It’s not likely to be a particularly popular shade, however, and could prove slightly tricky to sell on. It’ll do a better job of hiding dirt than a white car, but a colour this bright will still require regular cleaning to make sure it looks factory fresh.

Chili Red – £530

Chili red may benefit from the added ‘punch’ of a metallic finish, but it’s difficult to justify the added cost over the visually similar Emocion Red. Its slight orange tint gives this shade an extra dimension, but you’ll need to keep it spotlessly clean to ensure it looks its best. Bright colours such as this should prove fairly popular among second hand supermini buyers, however.

Ice Silver – £530

It’s hard to think of a car that doesn’t look slick and modern when painted in metallic silver, and the Ibiza is no exception. It’s a colour choice that shouldn’t present any headaches when the time comes to replace your car, and it should do a good job of concealing dirt and grime, too.

Moonstone Silver – £530

Moonstone Silver differentiates itself from Ice Silver courtesy of a darker, grey tinge. It’s a low maintenance shade that should stay looking clean for a decent length of time. Additionally, a car in this colour is likely to prove easy to sell when you’re ready to get behind the wheel of something new.

Monsoon Grey – £530

Monsoon grey suits the Ibiza’s sharp lines well, especially in sporty FR and Cupra trim. Not only will it do an excellent job of hiding dirt but it should be easy to sell when the time comes, too.

Technic Grey – £530

This fourth grey option features a subtle hint of brown added to the paint mix. Not only should a car in this colour be easy to sell on, but it should stay looking clean for longer than almost any other shade available.

Midnight Black – £530

This shade will require regular cleaning to stay looking sharp but, keep your Ibiza free from dirt and dust and Midnight Black will compliment its sporty styling well. Dark-coloured cars often prove to be some of the easiest to sell on second hand markets, too.

Nevada White – £530

Nevada White is a finish that will look its best after a thorough polish – dirt and grime will make it look muted and dull fairly quickly. It does cost £280 more than the non-metallic white, but comparing the two in the flesh could make the extra outlay easier to justify.

Save money on your SEAT Ibiza

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