Lexus RX L Performance

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The Lexus RX L is a comfortable car that’ll leave you feeling relaxed after long journeys. Not everyone will be a fan of the hybrid-only line up – there’s no diesel RX L

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Performance and Economy

The Lexus RX L is only available with petrol-electric hybrid engine. The lack of a diesel option may put you off but the 3.5-litre V6 petrol combined with an electric motor works surprisingly well for a car of its generous proportions – especially in town, where the RX L really feels at home. Its silent electric motor can power the car for a few miles on battery power alone, making it very easy and relaxing to drive.

If anything can make rush hour more relaxing, it's skulking through traffic in almost complete silence thanks to the Lexus RX L's hybrid system

Mat Watson
carwow expert

Get up to higher speeds and the V6 petrol joins in, but even then you’ll only ever hear a hum when overtaking. The official fuel economy varies depending on the size of alloy wheels you choose but it’s around 47mpg. In the real world you may struggle to get up to mid-30mpg though.

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The Lexus RX L is four-wheel drive thanks to the hybrid set-up – there are electric motors driving both the front and rear wheels. But this isn’t a car you’ll take off road or use to tow. It’ll provide welcome grip in slippery road conditions, however.

Again, because of the hybrid system, the Lexus RX L is automatic only. It’s smooth and quiet and adds to the easy-to-drive ability of the car.

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