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Porsche Cayenne

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7.7 10 wowscore
Porshce cayenne
  • Fantastic on-road
  • Smart interior
  • Fast engines
  • Pricey options
  • Not the biggest inside
  • Has a slight image problem
Want the handling and performance of a sports car with the practicality and comfort of an SUV? Porsche has already built it and it’s called the Cayenne, now in a lighter, leaner third-generation version.


Like cars in many other classes, the Cayenne has grown over its predecessor, although weight has dropped significantly. What that means is better space inside, and all reviews comment on the far better interior quality than the old car and admire the sporty driving position.


In the past, SUVs required you to make compromises in terms of driving fun. No longer. Critics love the way the Cayenne drivers whatever engine is under the bonnet, and that includes diesel and hybrid models. The lower weight has benefitted responses, it corners flatly and the steering and ride even match regular sports saloons.


If you’re feeling green guilt, you could do far worse than the diesel Cayenne. Some testers reckon the performance isn’t quite up to Porsche levels but torque and economy are praised. The Hybrid is economical too but expensive. The V8 versions, naturally aspirated (Cayenne S) and turbocharged (Cayenne Turbo), offer 911-like performance and unrivalled handling.

Value for Money

No Cayenne will be cheap to run by the standards of most, but the diesel approaches affordable running with nearly 40mpg, and the diesel is one of the cheaper models to buy. Testers say the extra quality and performance found in Cayennes is worth the cost difference to rivals.

Worth Noting

For UK buyers the hybrid is expensive to buy and not as economical as the diesel, say testers. The diesel is better value, but if you want ultimate performance, the V8 models do it better than anyone else.

BMW runs Porsche close with the X5 and X6 but for the buyer looking for a perfect mix of performance and practicality the Cayenne still rules the roost.

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Key Details

Price range:
£47,930 - £108,929
24 - 39
Date released:
Replacement due:
Not for at least a few years
Engine to go for:
The Cayenne S is a good mix of performance and running costs
Engine to avoid:
The Hybrid, it's more expensive than the Diesel and less economical
Options to go for:
The reviews say the air suspension (PASM) gives a much improved ride
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Type Reviews Score
Cayenne Diesel 7 8.0
Cayenne Hybrid 8 7.0
Cayenne S 1 8.0
Cayenne Turbo 5 8.2
General 2 8.5
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Porsche Cayenne User Reviews

Diesel (2011) 32.0 mpg
8 10 wowscore

We actually ordered our Cayenne before it came out, meaning we had one of the first in the country. A bit of a risk as we hadn't seen what it would like or what the reviews would be like. 

I wasn't particularly happy with how it looked in the brochure we were sent, but it does look better in real life. My husband for some odd reason wanted it in brown, but as it's my car I wanted it in black. Although another Mum at our kid's school has it in brown and it does look nice on a sunny day. 


We got the black leather (because of the kids) and the diesel engine. We had a Range Rover Sport diesel before and the Porsche is much quieter and faster. A nice option we chose is the big sunroof, which makes the interior nice and airy. Everything seems well built and we're happy so far with it. 

  • By Megan Sullivan, who used to own this car
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