Audi SQ7 interior

The regular Q7 has a simple yet very functional and beautifully built cockpit.


You can tell this is an 'S' car, because it has a flat-bottomed steering wheel

The SQ7’s interior adds the usual S treatment, so you get a flat-bottomed steering wheel, some S badges and some carbon fibre inserts. The end result is still the same spectacular cabin, but with a little nod to the car’s sportier leanings.

Not only are the materials top notch, but also the infotainment system is one of the best in business, too. The central screen rises from the dashboard and has crisp graphics, while the rotary dial, mounted on the centre console, makes navigation through the menus easy. Compared to rivals it sits between the easier-to-use BMW iDrive and trickier-to-get-used-to Mercedes COMAND system.

The SQ7's a supercar for people with lots of kids and an active lifestyle

Mat Watson
carwow expert


You can tell this is an 'S' car, because it has a flat-bottomed steering wheel

For £600 extra the SQ7 can be ordered with Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, which replaces the conventional dials with a high-res screen that can show a wealth of information to the driver including the sat-nav map. It’s very easy to get used to and the amount of information it gives means you rarely take your eyes off the road. It’s not an essential, but it’s still a bit cheeky for Audi to add it as an option on this range-topping Q7.

Audi SQ7
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