Audi A6 and A6 Avant colours guide and prices

Audi A6s, like life, aren’t black and white so much as they are shades of grey. There is really only one colour option that is obviously not a shade of grey, so evaluating the nuances of these colours is quite important.

To help you get a good grasp of the A6 colour options, we have gathered all the available colours from Audi’s A6 configurator – and, for shame – the dashing shade of blue Audi first used to show the A6 off isn’t available in the UK.

The colours come in solid, metallic, and pearl effect. Have a look and study the differences, then head over to our configurator to see how much you can knock off the price of a brand new A6.

Solid colours

There are two solid colours to choose from, neither of which will cost anything extra. Solid colours are your standard automotive fare – simple, affordable, and not particularly exciting.

Brilliant Black (£0)

As base paint schemes go, Audi does a nice job with the two available options. Brilliant black has a lot more gloss to it than many non-metallic blacks. This helps the A6 look truly black, and not just a dark shade of grey.

Ibis White (£0)

There is nothing particularly exciting about the A6’s base white, but there is nothing offensive either. Like any white, it will be difficult to keep clean, all the more so because it doesn’t appear to have much shine to it.


Metallic colours

Small metal flakes mixed into the paint give metallic colours more sparkle and shine than standard solid shades, though you’ll pay a little extra for the privilege. Metallic paintwork is one of few options you can specify on a new car that has more or less equivalent value when you come to sell, so it’s well worth the money.


Aviator Blue (£655)

Aviator Blue is very dark, and almost looks grey. It gives the impression of the moon shining off a Moonlight Blue hood in the middle of the night, which is interesting considering that the other blue on offer is none other than Moonlight Blue. The difference between the two is that Aviator Blue has a lot more grey in it.

Dakota Grey (£655)

Dakota Grey is a medium dark colour, which in certain lights can almost appear brown. A6s wearing this colour look sharp, and if offers a nice midway point between the darker and lighter colours.

Glacier White (£655)

In comparison to Ibis White, Glacier White has a slight, but noticeable, silver tint. Understated and elegant, Glacier White is a decided step up from its base, non-metallic sibling. Upgrading to Glacier White would seem a smart decision for those who can afford to, as this shade of white will keep the car looking cleaner, longer.

Havanna Black (£655)

Breaking from the selection of greys, here’s a trendy dark brown. Audi calls it Havanna, with two “n’s”, not to be confused with the capital of Cuba. Close but no cigar, you might say. Browns are fashionable right now and while the “black” aspect of the paintwork is stronger than the brown (unless it’s particularly sunny) it’s a shade that really suits the car.

Ice Silver (£655)

Ice Silver is light as silvers go, serving as the next step up from Glacier White on the black/white scale. If you are caught between selecting Dakota Grey and Glacier White, this compromise colour might work for you.

Moonlight Blue (£655)

All you need to know about the A6 colour pallet is that Moonlight Blue is the brightest colour available, aside from the S6-only Sepang Blue. But there’s nothing wrong with that fact, or indeed Moonlight Blue as a colour. It is a strong shade of blue, with an understated elegance befitting a car like the A6.

Oolong Grey (£655)

Oolong Grey is a pinch and a half lighter than Brilliant Black. And even though Oolong Grey is metallic, to the natural eye it comes off as a bit dull. For executives commuting to the office each day, dull colouring is probably ok. However, if you are considering buying an A6 as a family car, you might want to look into one of the other, slightly more exciting colours.

Pearl effect finishes

Pearl effect – or pearlescent – shades are similar to metallics but have a deeper finish, and one that often seems to change colour depending on the light source. Audi’s shades won’t cost you any more than a regular metallic on the A6.

Daytona Grey (£655)

Daytona Grey slots in between Dakota Grey and Oolong Grey on the colour pallete. This pearl effect colour has a reputation for really sparkling in the sun. If you are in the market for a grey A6, but want to stand out in a crowd, Dakota Grey is likely your colour, but it’s only available on S-Line models and above.

Phantom Black (£655)

The other standard pearl effect colour, Phantom Black, also gives off a great sparkle when parked in the sunshine. Of the three blacks available, colour tone wise, Phantom Black is the darkest. But tone isn’t really the issue here. If you want pearl effect black paint, this is the only game in town.

Sepang Blue (£655)

Unique to the Audi S6, Sepang Blue is the only truly vibrant shade in the entire A6 range. It’s a lustrous royal blue that looks great in pretty much any light, and it’s really set off by the large alloys and chrome window trim of the S6. Well worth specifying, if only to break the monotony of all those shades of grey…

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