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Ford Focus colour guide

Despite its status as a mainstream family hatchback, the Ford Focus is now more upmarket than ever, blending good looks with a more upmarket sense of class. However, to make the most of the car’s looks it’s vital you pick the right colour.

To help you make that decision, we’ve put together a guide showing the colours available for the Focus and how much they cost.

Solid colours

Solid paint is simple, non-metallic or pearlescent, plain finish. Nowadays, the choice of regular solid shades is relatively slim, partly because they’re seen as a little downmarket and partly because manufacturers would prefer you pay a little extra for better paint.

Read our full guide to the different types of paint available to understand a little more about the differences between solid, metallic and pearlescent.

There is only one free solid paint offered on the Ford:

Race Red – £0

Race red is the only free colour available on the Ford Focus and, as reds go, it’s a nice bright shade. It won’t look as clean as other colours after hundreds of motorway miles but at least it won’t cost you anything when you choose it. It isn’t as popular on the used market as darker, more muted colours so you might be in it for the long haul to get it sold.

Frozen White – £250

An increasingly popular colour (or common, depending on the way you see it), white is desirable right now but hard to keep clean. This is the only white option available for the Focus and, although it’s a solid finish, Ford knows it’s fashionable so you’ll have to pay extra. It shouldn’t be too hard to sell come resale time.

Metallic colours

Metallic paint features tiny flakes of metal which glint in the sun and give the car a deeper, more distinctive shine. On the Focus, all but Candy Red (£745) cost £525, which is roughly the same amount you’ll pay for metallic paint on the Focus’s competitors, like the Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra.

Tectonic Silver – £525

Silver is an easy choice these days – it almost always suits whatever car it’s on and is easy to sell to the used market. But, to avoid silver becoming boring, Ford’s Tectonic Silver brings subtle elements of brown into the mix. This gives it a unique look and the colour should help the worst of the road grime blend in.

Panther Black – £525

This is the only pure black option on the Focus – Panther Black is elegant, professional and classy. It’ll hide road muck well but amateur car washes will leave swirls if they’re not careful. If you’re aiming to make your already common car stand out a little more in a car park, this is the wrong colour to pick. It will be easy to sell on, though.

Moondust Silver – £525

Still one of the most popular colours, silver is stylish and a constant favourite on the used car market. Silver does tend to show up bad road muck unless you work hard to keep it clean, however, so budget for some trips to the car wash. An easy choice that’ll give you very few problems when you come to sell it.

Magnetic Metallic – £525

Gunmetals offer a nice alternative for those who want a subtle colour without going for the typical black or silver options. A rich dark grey, Magnetic Metallic looks classy and will cover most of the dirt you pick up from British roads. Used buyers will be happy to take this colour off your hands so this is an easy pick. Only available on Style models and up.

Deep Impact blue – £525

This is the only blue offered for the Focus (Style trim and up) and it’s a really nice shade. Not quite as dark as Royal blue but darker than most standard blues, the metallic elements of Deep Impact Blue make it look a very special colour indeed when bright sunlight catches it. It’ll be fairly easy to keep clean and we’d be surprised if people were put off by it on the used market.

Candy Red Special Metallic – £745

The second, more sophisticated, red offered for the Focus. Only available on mid-range Style models and up, Candy Red Special arguably looks better in real life than it does in Ford’s configurator images. Like all brighter colours, used car buyers usually won’t pick it first and it won’t hide dirt as well as darker colours.

Lunar Sky – £525

Choosing between this and the other dark greys in the Focus range is tricky but made easier by the fact this colour is only offered on the well equipped Titanium models and above, so you’re going to have to pay a premium for the privilege. Nevertheless, it’s a good colour to own being easy to resell and hassle-free to keep clean.

Focused on the colours

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