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Ford Mustang UK colours guide and prices

The Ford Mustang is an iconic all-American sports car known for its high speeds, great sounds and relative affordability. If you’re buying one, choosing a colour is a key decision so you’ll need to take into account the price, the ease of resale and how often you’ll have to clean it.

Our colours guide is here to help you make your mind up. The Mustang’s palette includes three solid, five metallic choices and two special finishes. If you’re struggling to tell your mattes from your metallics, our helpful car paint types guide is worth a look.

If this monstrous muscle car sounds like your ideal new vehicle, check out our Ford Mustang deals page to get one at a great price.

Solid colours

Race Red – £0


This is the sort of bold shade most people probably think of first when they picture a sports car. Red is fairly sought-after on performance cars, so finding a buyer for your Mustang shouldn’t be too tricky. We’d expect average dirt-concealing performance from this hue.

Competition Orange – £0


This eye-catching tangerine orange won’t top many ‘favourite car colour’ lists but, considering the Mustang’s outlandish performance, it suits it better than most. Fairly frequent washes will be needed to keep this bright shade looking good.

Oxford White – £250


White is a perennially popular car colour and always sells speedily on the used market. As you’d expect, you can expect lots of cleaning sessions because every last speck of grime will make its presence felt very quickly indeed.

Metallic colours

Ruby Red – £595


Deeper and darker than the Race Red, this wine-coloured hue with purple tones is a distinctive colour for a distinctive model. Used buyers won’t run to this colour as they might a darker shade but it won’t be too difficult to sell on. It should conceal motorway grime for longer than the bright red.

Ingot Silver – £595


This is a mid-spectrum silver gives the Mustang a contemporary, sleek finish. Silver is typically favoured among UK car buyers, so finding a new owner should be a doddle. It’ll hide dirt longer for than a white model but grime will show up much faster than a darker shade.

Deep Impact Blue – £595


This dark electric blue should prove to be a popular hue, so you won’t be kept hanging around for a buyer. Being a darker shade also means it won’t need cleaning as frequently as lighter colours.

Magnetic – £595


This shiny, deep grey gives your Mustang a sophisticated, sober appearance. It’s a practical choice given grey’s huge popularity as a car colour, and its ability to hide the road dirt for a long time.

Guard – £595


Guard is similar to Magnetic but adds a hint of dark green. It’ll do an excellent job of hiding dirt so it’s a great choice if you’re always on the road. It’s also restrained and smart enough that it’ll quickly get snapped up by prospective buyers.

Mica colours

Shadow Black – £595


This elegant jet black is an easy choice for many making it a safe bet on the used market. It’ll hide dirt for a little while but use a good quality car wash to keep it looking its best – cheaper ones can leave swirl marks in their wake.

Tri-coat colours

Triple Yellow – £745


This is the kind of vibrant yellow that only really looks good on performance cars like the Mustang. You’ll struggle to sell it on compared to a less extroverted shade and, when you do, you’re unlikely to recover the high cost. The Mustang is an outlandish car, however, so why not make the most of it?

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Ford Mustang (2014-2017)

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