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Hyundai Santa Fe: colours guide and prices

The Hyundai Santa Fe offers generous equipment levels, a seven seat layout and handsome looks. The choice of paints is fairly straightforward – there’s one solid and a further six metallic finishes to choose from.

We’ve taken a look at the big Hyundai’s colour choices. Put the Hyundai Santa Fe in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. To understand the difference between solid and metallic paints, check out our car paint types guide.

Solid paints

Creamy White Solid – £0

The only no cost option choice for the Santa Fe is a clean, bright white. At least it’ll be clean when you pick it up from the dealer – the first drive in the rain will make it look rather grubby. Provided you can keep it clean, plenty of used buyers will take it off your hands.

Metallic and pearlescent paints

Arabian Mocha Pearl – £610

Few colours will do a better job of hiding any dirt or mud attracted to the Santa Fe’s pristine bodywork than Arabian Mocha. Used buyers won’t flock to this as they do blacks and silvers but it shouldn’t be too tricky to sell on.

Ocean View Metallic – £610

This dark greyish blue shade isn’t too shouty, which works quite well on a large car. It’s inoffensive enough to not worry about it affecting residual values and its dark shade means road grime won’t rear its ugly head too quickly.

Phantom Black Metallic – £610

Black cars look great when they’re clean, but it’s one of the tougher shades to keep that way – cheap car washes can show up swirl marks so don’t cut corners. There will always be a used buyer looking for black so it’ll practically sell itself for you.

Red Merlot Pearl – £610

The colour of choice for many of the Santa Fe press photos (and shown in the title image on this page) it’s the brightest, boldest option here. Its extroversion means some used buyers might be put off, especially if you don’t clean it regularly.

Sleek Silver Metallic – £610

Silver will always remain a popular choice among used car buyers, so choosing this shade will secure its popularity when it comes to selling on. Like other light shades, regular cleaning will be required to keep it on form.

Titanium Silver Metallic – £610

Titanium Silver is a typically modern shade. This metallic grey will not only be very popular come trade-in time, but has the added bonus of being one of the better colours for masking road dirt.

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