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Hyundai Tucson colours guide and prices

In order to do the Hyundai Tucson’s handsome lines and solid stance justice, picking the right colour is a must. Not only will this affect how easy the car is to sell on to the used market, but also determine whether or not you spend every weekend cleaning it.

Read on to see pictures of the Hyundai in all available shades, along with a brief summary and their prices. To learn the difference between solid, metallic and pearl shades, check out our car paint types guide.

Solid colours

Polar White – £0

White cars are in fashion at the moment, so you’ll find it easy to sell this car on to the used market. The contrasting black trim and roof look great with this colour but budget for trips to the car wash – it will be a hard task keeping this car looking clean.

Metallic colours

Ara Blue – £585

Ara Blue is an eye-catching shade that’ll stand out on the school run. You might find it won’t do a good job of hiding road dirt but it should be fairly easy to sell on provided you don’t deal exclusively with customers wanting monochrome shades.

Platinum Silver – £585

Platinum Silver will probably be one of the best selling colours in the Tucson range. It’ll hide dirt easier than white cars but will still start to look grubby fairly quickly. Silver is an easy colour to sell to the used market and will always have a queue of potential buyers.

White Sand – £585

White Sand is light gold in colour. Its brighter hue means it’ll start to look mucky quite quickly if you don’t keep on top of cleaning it. It won’t sell as easily as white or silver to used buyers but, considering it’s understated, it won’t put many off, either.

Pearl colours

Ash Blue – £585

Ash Blue is a little darker than Ara Blue. You’ll prefer whichever one suits your tastes but the darker shade will definitely hide road grime for longer. Used buyers are often open to blue cars so we don’t expect you to struggle to sell it on.

Ultimate Red – £585

Ultimate Red is a vibrant colour, and will really stand out on the road. While not as prone as white, a lighter shade like this will start to look grubby fairly quickly. Used buyers will be less keen on a red car in general, but it’s unlikely to be a deal breaker.

Ruby Wine – £585

Ruby Wine is a deep shade of red. Richer than Ultimate Red, Ruby Wine won’t sell as quickly as its monochrome brethren but won’t send used buyers running, either. It’ll hide dirt for longer than its lighter counterparts.

Moon Rock – £585

Moon Rock is a deep brown – a colour that’s making a 21st century comeback. The pearlescent sheen on the Hyundai makes it both subtle and eye-catching. It’ll go for ages between car washes and should sell easily to the used market.

Thunder Grey – £585

Thunder Grey will be another popular choice among used buyers thanks to the public’s appetite for gunmetal cars. Like other darker shades, you can wait longer between car washes thanks to the camouflaging effect of the paint.

Phantom Black – £585

Phantom Black is – quite simply – the colour for those after a black car. It’ll require a little more maintenance than grey or brown to keep its lustre but, if you do, you’ll have a constant stream of buyers ready to take it off your hands.

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