2020 BMW M140i: Price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
May 30, 2019

Could BMW be planning an alternative to the Mercedes A45 and Audi RS3? carwow reckons so; here’s what the rocketship could look like.

  • Imagined

    2020 BMW M140i hot hatchback

  • Specs include

    four-cylinder, 400hp engine, capable of 0-62mph in less than four seconds

  • Price and release date

    above £40,000; 2020

With a new BMW 1 Series on the way, complete with an M135i version that’s an alternative to the Audi S3 and Mercedes A35, could BMW be planning a searingly-hot range-topper?

For now, the brand is keeping schtum but – with the M135i producing a ‘measly’ 306hp – there’s room in the 1 Series range for an alternative to the current, 400hp Audi RS3 and the upcoming Mercedes-AMG A45 (which is rumoured to also be 400hp).

2020 BMW M140i styling

If the 2020 BMW M140i gets the nod, you can expect it to look like a 1 Series that’s been reared on a diet of pure steroids.  At the front, you’ll get a ground-scraping front bumper that will channel huge gulps of air to the car’s radiators and intercoolers. Around the sides, blistered wheel arches will help accommodate a set of unique, 19-inch alloy wheels, while side skirts will help the car look broader and more aggressive.

However, it will be at the back that the M140i will likely deliver the most visual muscle. This will be courtesy of quad exhaust pipes, a mock rear diffuser and a roof-mounted rear spoiler that juts upwards like a terrier’s tail.

2020 BMW M140i performance

You can expect the 2020 BMW M140i to get a significant step up in performance to go with its more aggressive looks. It is likely to get a development of the 306hp, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine fitted to the M135i; with an improved intake and exhaust – and a light tune – it should be capable of producing 400hp. This is a figure easily attainable from a Golf R that’s had the same work and would get the M140i from 0-62mph in just four seconds. The car’s head would butt its 155mph speed limiter not long after.

It won’t just be the car’s straight-line performance that improves; it will also likely get a tweaked version of the M135i’s four-wheel drive system, a front-mounted limited-slip differential and adjustable dampers, which will let you choose between soft and firm suspension settings. Uprated brakes with powerful four-pot callipers could also be on the cards and you can also expect the M140i to get the same eight-speed gearbox that’s fitted to the M135i.

2020 BMW M140i price

The 2020 BMW M140i is likely to cost more than £40,000, putting clear ground between it and the £36,000 M135i. That would make it a direct alternative for the new Mercedes-AMG A45 (the outgoing car cost from £42,000) and significantly cheaper than the £46,000 Audi RS3 Sportback.

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