2020 Ford Fiesta SUV spotted

January 08, 2019 by

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Latest spy pics reveal the 2020 Ford Fiesta SUV, expected to replace the firm’s current EcoSport.

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    2020 Ford Fiesta SUV

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The 2020 Ford Fiesta SUV has been spotted in spy photographs during a camouflaged test on UK roads. The new and as-yet-unnamed SUV is expected to take over from the mediocre Ford EcoSport.

The spy photos of the 2020 Ford Fiesta SUV demonstrate that it significantly raises the ride height of the Fiesta, simultaneously making its wheels appear smaller. While it’s difficult to tell from these pictures, the Fiesta SUV is also likely to get plastic body cladding that can protect the car’s sides from the bumps and scrapes city life tends to throw at it.

The taller roofline is likely to have the benefit of offering more interior space – particularly in the back seat where the standard Fiesta is caught short when compared with models such as the VW Polo. The same will also be true of the boot which is likely to get a boxier shape and slightly more space than the hatchback. Ford is also likely to scrap the EcoSport’s impractical side-opening boot – which you can’t open when the car’s parked tight against a wall, say – for one that hinges from the car’s roof.

Despite its SUV billing, the 2020 Ford Fiesta SUV is expected to continue in the tradition of the EcoSport by being unsuitable for any actual off-roading. Its two-wheel-drive setup means that a Dacia Duster will leave it for dead in the rough stuff. On the upside though, it is likely to be better to drive on road than any of its alternatives being that it’s based on the sweet-handling Fiesta.

For the same reason, you can expect to have your Fiesta SUV with handy kit such as Ford’s MyKey, which allows you to limit the car’s top speed and the volume of the stereo. Useful if, say, you plan to lend the car to a younger driver blessed with a little too much youthful exuberance.

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