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The best estate cars for less than £300 per month

We’re looking at the best estate cars you can take home for less than £300 a month. There are lots of ways to finance a new car – some agreements require little or no deposit but have large balloon payments at the end, while leasing options mean you don’t own anything when the term is up.

The cars in this list are all offered on personal contract purchase plans (PCP) and have similar deposits with mileage of 10,000 miles per year. Of course, changing the mileage or deposit will change the monthly payment figures significantly.

You can get massive savings on these cars if you use carwow’s configurator and most dealers on our network will offer attractive finance offers on your discounted price.

Ford Mondeo Estate

If you want the most space for your money, the Ford Mondeo Estate is a great choice. Ford has put the legwork in to ensure it competes not only with in-class rivals but also premium-badged alternatives. The Aston Martin-like front end is complimented by a practical rear and, inside, the Mondeo feels suitably hi-tech – although the touch-sensitive radio controls won’t be to everyone’s tastes.

Ford’s finance offers are traditionally very good and, while there are cheaper versions of the Mondeo Estate, the best selling will be the plush Titanium-spec model with the 2.0-litre diesel. With a deposit of £5,000, you can have the Mondeo for £292 per month over three years, with an optional £9,728 payable if you want to keep the car.

Find out how much more you could save with our Ford Mondeo Estate car configurator.

Honda Civic Tourer

The current generation Honda Civic is the first since the mid-1990s to be offered with an estate variant. It’s a great car and benefits from Honda’s reputation for making supremely reliable vehicles. The Civic Tourer is surprisingly spacious given its relatively small size and all models come with plenty of equipment. The popular 1.6-litre diesel engine is one of the most economical estates out there and you’ll pay just £20 per year for road tax.

There are plenty of offers on the Civic Tourer available for less than £300. For example, the 1.6-litre diesel in mid-range SE Plus trim would cost you £281 per month over three years with a deposit of just £2,500. Increasing the deposit lowers the monthly payments, but the optional £9,884 final payment remains the same.

Check out our Honda Civic Tourer configurator to see if you can reduce these figures even further.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is a striking estate car with a high-quality interior and eye-catching looks. It isn’t the most practical car in this price range but it is unquestionably the most premium offering on this list.

If you want to keep your CLA Shooting Brake under £300 per month, you’ll have to settle for the 1.8-litre petrol engine and a manual gearbox, albeit in attractive Sport trim. The deposit is kept to a reasonably low £3,999, but strong residuals mean a high optional final payment of £13,875 if you want to keep the car after three years.

Use our Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake configurator to find out how much carwow could help you save.

Volkswagen Passat Estate

The new Passat Estate is great example of what Volkswagen does best – classy, practical and easy to use cars. The Passat Estate is neither overly exciting to look at nor to drive, but it oozes the sort of understated appeal estate car buyers are after. Buyers are treated to a classy interior, a practical boot and engines that should prove economical to run.

Like other cars on this list, the Passat Estate is available for under £300 per month if you’re willing to compromise on equipment or engine power. We found a plush GT model with the reasonably powerful 1.6-litre diesel engine for £299 a month. That’s after a deposit of £5,250 but, bear in mind, you’ll need to save up £12,428 if you intend to keep the car afterwards.

Spec up your Volkswagen Passat Estate using our car configurator to see the savings to be had.

Volvo V60

The Volvo V60’s boot isn’t particularly impressive compared to its boxy models from yesteryear, but that’s the price you pay for the newfound sleek looks. The V60 has a neat interior with some of the most comfortable seats on sale, plus a handy infotainment system.

For £299 per month over three years, you can drive away in a 1.6-litre ‘D3’ diesel V60 in reasonably well equipped Business Edition trim. This model has all the equipment you really need and a sweet engine that’ll only cost you £20 per year to tax. The initial £5,239 deposit is a little steep, but this is a premium vehicle and, after three years, the optional final payment of £10,475 seems quite attractive.

Take a look at our Volvo V60 configurator page to build your ideal estate and save money in the process.

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Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

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£27,385 - £42,440
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Ford Mondeo Estate

Practical and handsome estate car is one of the best around
£22,200 - £31,945
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Volkswagen Passat Estate

Practical and spacious estate with a premium feel
£23,795 - £40,065
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