Off-road battle: Tesla Model X vs Fiat Panda Cross 4×4

July 30, 2021 by

At a first glance, you wouldn’t think the Tesla Model X and Fiat Panda Cross have all that much in common — but it turns out they do.

For a start, they’re technically both SUVs, even if the Panda is more of a jacked-up hatchback. Oh, and they’re both all-wheel-drive.

And well, what’s an all-wheel-drive SUV if it can’t take it off-road? You can probably see where we’re going with this. Particularly if you read the blog headline…

Yep, we’re pitting a giant from across the pond against the dinky Italian in an off-road battle.

So, the Tesla Model X we have here is the 100d. This means it’s got two motors — one on each axle — combining to produce 417hp and 660Nm.

Compare that with the Fiat Panda Cross’ two-cylinder, 900cc engine with 85hp and 145Nm and, well, it wouldn’t really be a contest on the road. But there’s much more to off-roading than sheer power.

The Panda weighs less than half of the Model X, at 1,165kg compared to 2,533kg. That means it shouldn’t find itself in quite as much jeopardy as the Model X when the going gets tough.

Oh and speaking of jeopardy, this particular Tesla is owned by carwow CEO James Hind. No pressure then, Mat…

So how exactly will an off-road winner be determined between these two? Well, they’re both taking on an uphill drag race in the mud before competing in a series of challenges to test their might in the rough stuff.

Which wins? You’ll need to watch to find out…

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