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Suzuki Vitara colour guide and prices

The Suzuki Vitara is the latest car to hit the small crossover market, and is approaching things slightly differently from the rest – a small crossover with the DNA of more capable off-road machines.

The Vitara range is livened up with some lively colour choices, all of which are reasonably priced. Our colour guide talks you through each of the options and how much they cost.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the different types of paint available, read our guide to explain what exactly solid, metallic and pearlescent paints are.

Solid paint finishes

Generally the cheapest options on a car’s options list, solid finishes aren’t often the most stylish colours available, and in many cases do little more than stopping the metalwork from getting rusty. The Vitara is available with one, and if you’re more concerned about getting value for money than you are making a statement, then this is the paint job for you.

Superior White – £0 

There are quite a few cars which work very well in a flat shade of white, but we think the Vitara doesn’t quite pull it off. If you’re going for a plain paint finish, then the car it’s applied to needs to have some sort of visual drama, and we feel the Vitara looks a little too safe to make it work. It is the only no-cost option colour, though.

Metallic finishes

The metallic finishes in the Vitara range add a little more character to the car. As this is a class full of slightly quirky vehicles, the colour choices reflects this, with some bright and bold hues available, alongside the traditional silvers and greys.

Silky Silver – £430

Nothing too unusual to see here. A simple shade of silver much like you’d expect to find in most other car manufacturers’ ranges. Not exactly thrilling, but it should make it easy to sell on when the time comes.

Galactic Grey – £430 (£800 with black roof)

It’s hard to go wrong with a dark metallic grey. Applied to pretty much any car, it always looks, modern, understated and smart. As with some of the other colour choices in the Vitara range, Galactic Grey can be customised with the addition of a roof and grille finished in black.

Cosmic Black Pearl – £430 (£800 with white roof)

A standard metallic black won’t look out of place on any car. If you’d rather stand out a little bit more, the roof and grille can be finished in white. We’re not convinced by this combination ourselves, but it’ll make your Vitara a doddle to spot in a busy car park.

Atlantis Turquoise – £430 (£800 with black roof)

This is the colour Suzuki’s used for most of its press and marketing materials – usually a sign it’s the shade the marque feels suits the car best. It’s certainly a bright and cheerful shade, and we think it looks even better with the optional black roof.

Horizon Orange/black roof – £800

This burnt orange shade lends the Vitara a contemporary look, complimented further by the contrasting black roof and flash of orange on the dashboard. As with the other two tone shades, it costs £800.

Bright Red/black roof – £800

Suzukis have frequently sported a bright red in the past; the likes of the Grand Vitara and both generations of the brilliant Swift Sport are well matched to a bold scarlet. With black detailing, we think it’s a success here too, and likely to help the car stand out tastefully.

I’ve picked a colour, so that’s the important stuff sorted. What now?

To find out more about the Suzuki Vitara, our full review has all the information you need. If your heart is set on one, our deal checker will help you to find a great discount from Suzuki dealers nationwide.

Suzuki Vitara

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