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Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta interior

The Ford Fiesta’s interior is smart looking and logically laid out but the nicest materials are reserved for expensive top-spec Vignale models


The dashboard looks smart and feels reasonably plush

The Ford Fiesta’s dashboard is made from squidgy plastics – although they’re not as thickly padded as you’ll get in a pricey Mini – and you get shiny black trim pieces and flashes of chrome. Every model gets an infotainment screen of one sort of another, which means conventional buttons and knobs are kept to a bare minimum.

Having said that, the horrible mono-colour infotainment screen fitted to Style models doesn’t look great, which is a shame because the Ebony Intersection Cloth upholstery looks smarter than what you get in entry-level versions of the SEAT Ibiza.

Fortunately, the 6.5-inch colour infotainment screen fitted to Ford Fiesta Zetec models looks much more up-to-date and the Ebony Domo Cloth feels more sumptuous than the entry-level model’s interior.

B&O Play Zetec cars get the same upholstery but add a ridiculously powerful stereo (we’ll get to that in a minute) and Bohai Mint interior details that make the dashboard look more youthful.

Posh Titanium models keep the Ebony Domo Cloth fitted to Zetec models. If you want a slightly higher-end feel then go for a Titanium X model – they come with part-leather upholstery.

Ford Fiesta Vignale cars have proper luxury touches, for a pint-sized car at least. They come with a Ruby leather interior, thick Vignale floor mats and a panoramic opening sunroof that makes the interior feel brighter and airier than it does in the cheaper versions. It’s nice, but the trim that suits the Ford Fiesta’s playful character best is ST-Line, which gives the Ford a genuinely sporty feel inside courtesy of a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel, some glossy faux carbon fibre trims and sports seats (leather-trimmed in ST-Line X models).

The stereo in B&O models is so powerful it can wake an entire neighbourhood in just seconds

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The Ford Fiesta is available with three infotainment screens.

Style models come with a 4.2-inch mono-colour screen that looks like something you’d find on a hi-fi from the 90s. Basic specs aren’t too bad – it comes with an AM/FM radio, a bluetooth phone connection and a couple of USB plugs.

Why bother, though, when you only need to go one model up to get a 6.5-inch colour screen (fitted to Zetec and ST-Line models) that lets you mirror your smartphone’s sat-nav app via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The rest of the Ford Fiesta range gets a bigger eight-inch screen with sat-nav built in. Its colourful screen is brighter than those fitted to other cars and its clear display makes directions easy to follow. The system’s menus are laid out intuitively, although it does without the handy buttons that help you quickly navigate from menu to menu in the new SEAT Ibiza.

All Ford Fiestas come with a six-speaker stereo that’ll be fine if you only ever listen to Radio 4, but if you have more energetic musical tastes you’ll love the stereo fitted to B&O Zetec, B&O Titanium and top-spec Vignale models. It has eight speakers (including a subwoofer in the boot) and a mammoth 675W output. It offers the kind of sound quality you might expect from a luxury saloon.

Available trims

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