The Macan Electric: a new beginning for Porsches smallest SUV

April 12, 2024 by

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After years of waiting, the all-new Porsche Macan EV is finally here. This is the first electric SUV the brand has ever made, and it’s packed with clever new technology. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Porsche Macan EV on sale now
  • Prices start from £69,800
  • Porsche’s smallest SUV goes all-electric
  • Design akin to the Taycan
  • Clever new interior technology
  • Up to 612hp and 1,013Nm of torque

The all-new Porsche Macan is here, and it’s nothing like the Macan we once knew. It not only has a totally new design, it’s also only available in all-electric form – making it the second pure EV to come from the brand.

This alternative to the Tesla Model Y and Mercedes EQC is more powerful than any Macan which wen before, and it’s packed with new technology which will filter down to other Porsche EVs in the future.

New Electric Porsche Macan price and specs

The new Porsche Macan Electric is available to order now, with prices starting from £69,800 for the base 4 model. That’s around £16,000 more than the outgoing petrol version and it’s £10,000 more than an equivalent Tesla Mode Y Performance. If the more powerful Turbo model takes your fancy, that’ll set you back a hefty £95,000.

So what do you get for your money? Well all Macans get 20-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, heated seats, an 11.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, a 13.0-inch curved driver’s display and a reversing camera. As is often the way with Porsche, the options list is seemingly endless. The only limit is the size of your wallet.

New electric Porsche Macan design

Porsche doesn’t usually go in for radical redesigns of its cars – the 911 sports car has been gently evolving for 60 years now – but this new Macan Electric looks very different to the car which came before it.

The petrol Macan had a massive grille between the Boxster-esque headlights, but the lack of a hot engine under the bonnet of the new car negates the need for a mouth up front. As a result, the new Macan has a smoothed-off grille with the air intake moved to the lower bumper. The headlights also look similar to those found on the Taycan electric saloon.

Changes to the side profile are less dramatic. You still get a sporty sloping roofline, however there is a range of new alloy wheel options, the biggest of which are a whopping 22-inches in diameter.

Moving around to the back, the full-width light bar is also pretty similar to the Taycan’s. It’s a pretty simple and clean design at the back, with the exception of the massive gloss black bumper trim which some may find looks a bit fussy.

New electric Porsche Macan interior and infotainment

The Taycan theme continues when you step inside the new Porsche Macan, but that’s no bad thing. Porsche’s flagship EV has one of the best cabins in the business, so there’s no harm in taking inspiration from that car for the Macan.

The dashboard has a very similar, clean design to other cars in the Porsche range, with straight lines across the dashboard and plenty of posh-looking materials. The designers haven’t gone full Tesla on the cabin though, as you still get physical buttons for things like the climate control.

You get a 13.0-inch curved digital driver’s display and an 11.0-inch touchscreen in the centre with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a range of built-in apps like Spotify and Amazon Music. A third touchscreen in front of the passenger is also available as an option, just as it is in the new Cayenne.

Adding to the cutting-edge tech is the optional augmented reality head-up display. This can project things like navigation directions and hazard warnings onto the road ahead. Being a Porsche, there’s a blend of digital and analogue tech inside with the physical stopwatch on top of the dashboard.

New electric Porsche Macan motors and performance

This is the most powerful Porsche Macan ever made thanks to its dual electric motors. Basic 4 models get a combined 408hp, around 30hp more than the outgoing Macan S. And this is just the entry-level version.

The new Macan Turbo gets a whopping 639hp and 1,130Nm of torque. That’s over 200hp more than the old Macan GTS and 30hp more than you get in a BMW iX M60.

So what does this new-found power mean for performance? Well the standard Macan 4 can do 0-60mph in in 5.1 seconds. That’s a bit up compared to the 4.8-second time you get from the current Macan S, but this EV will have added weight to haul around thanks to the massive batteries.

The new Macan Turbo is even more rapid, managing 0-60mph in just 3.3 seconds. That’s a full second quicker than the old Macan GTS, and it’s exactly the same time Tesla quotes for the Model Y Performance.

New electric Porsche Macan batteries and range

This new Porsche Macan is the first car to hit the market using Volkswagen Group’s Platform Premium Electric (PPE) collection of parts.

All versions of the Macan will come with a 95kWh battery as standard, and Porsche has been hard at work making this car as aerodynamic as possible to help the efficiency. It has a completely flat underfloor, and even the wheels have been designed to slip through the air as smoothly as possible.

The upshot of this is 381 miles of range from the Macan 4. That’s 65 miles more than a Taycan can manage, and it’s a considerable 50 miles more than the Tesla Model Y Long Range.

You take a slight hit on range if you go for the quicker Turbo model, that car can drive for 367 miles on a full charge. That’s still almost 30 miles more than a BMW iX M60, and it’s a whopping 80 miles more than the Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV.

New electric Porsche Macan chassis and suspension

It wouldn’t be a Porsche if the new Macan wasn’t designed with handling in mind, and this new SUV is packing plenty of clever features to make sure it can put a smile on your face through the bends.

It’s available with Porsche’s clever adaptive air suspension and its latest adaptive dampers. These features can adjust the ride height and the stiffness depending on what driving mode you’re in, minimising body roll on a twisty road. This is an optional extra on the Macan 4, but it comes as standard on the Turbo.

This new car can also be specced with rear-wheel steering for the first time, which offers multiple benefits. Around town, it tightens the turning circle and makes parking easier. On a twisty road it makes the car feel more agile, while it also aids high-speed stability on the motorway.

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