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The best cars with low tax bills

Road tax is an important consideration when picking your next new car – it could seriously affect how much it’ll cost to run. Thanks to their very low CO2 outputs, these cars prove you don’t need a frugal supermini to keep your tax bill low.

Although a car’s first road tax bill is calculated based on its CO2 emissions, under the new rules, any car costing less than £40,000 will cost £140 per year to tax from year two. For more details, read our in-depth guide to the new 2017 road tax rules.

Here are 10 cars with affordable road tax:

1. Skoda Superb (2.0-litre TDI 150)

The Skoda Superb is an inexpensive executive car with a genuine excess of interior space. Being a VW Group car, it’s impeccably well put together with high-quality materials used throughout. It feels equally at home nipping around town as it does on long motorway journeys.

If you want to make your Superb cheap to run, the 2.0-litre diesel produces a mere 109g/km of CO2 – that means it costs just £140 to tax. Coupled to the fantastic manual gearbox, it’ll return almost 70mpg, too. If you’re light on the throttle pedal, you could find yourself driving over 1,000 miles without refuelling.

For great prices, check out our Skoda Superb deals page to start receiving offers from dealers across the country.

2. Citroen Grand C4 Picasso (1.6-litre BlueHDi 100)

The stylish Citroen Grand C4 Picasso has been around a while but looks just as futuristic as it did when it first hit showrooms. Behind the funky body is a roomy interior – it outdoes many rivals for legroom in the back and, with over 600 litres of boot space, it’s perfect for most families. The three individual second row seats are ideal for kids with child seats.

Opt for the 1.6-litre 100 diesel engine and your Grand C4 Picasso will cost just £120 to tax for the first year. It produces 99hp and, while it won’t set the world alight, it’s more than enough to make it a comfy and relaxed cruiser on the open road.

Remember to have a look at our Citroen Grand C4 Picasso deals page to get great prices on a new one.

3. Skoda Octavia (1.6-litre TDI Greenline III)

The Skoda Octavia is every bit as well made as the larger Superb but with slightly less legroom and fewer toys making it a cheaper to buy. Although it’s a step down in size, the Octavia’s standard specification is still good with features like air conditioning and alloy wheels fitted as standard on every model.

Using a VW Bluemotion-derived 1.6-litre diesel, the Octavia’s fuel economy is great and, producing just 88g/km of CO2, you’ll only have to fork our £100 in tax for the first year’s tax. The only criticism of the Octavia is aimed at the ride quality – it’s more than acceptable most of the time but can’t quite match the inimitable refinement of its bigger sibling.

Save money with our Skoda Octavia deals page – you’ll get brilliant offers from top Skoda dealers.

4. Dacia Logan MCV (1.5-litre dCi)

The cheap and cheerful Dacia Logan MCV might not be the most luxurious car, but it offers incredible value for money. Despite the Logan MCV costing from just £6,995, you get ample room for five people along with a cavernous 573-litre boot. On the road, the Logan won’t offer the most rewarding drive but, as a cheap, back-to-basics estate, it’s almost unrivalled.

The good value continues even after you’ve purchased it – CO2 emissions of 99g/km means it’ll set you back just £120 to tax in year one. Not only will it return 80mpg, its performance doesn’t lag too far behind the petrol models – the Logan gets to 62mph from rest in a respectable 11.9 seconds.

To see if you can shave even more money off the reasonably-priced Logan, have a browse of our Dacia Logan MCV deals page.

5. Renault Captur (1.5-litre dCi)

The quirky Renault Captur is a competitor for class-leader in the crossover sector. This is thanks to the Captur’s trendy interior, attractive looks and reasonable price. While it’s based on the smaller Clio, the Captur’s taller body means there’s just as much headroom in the back as there is in the front.

While the petrol engines are great around town, the Captur’s 1.5-litre diesel is better suited to longer journeys and cuts your first tax bill to £120 thanks to its 95g/km of CO2 emissions figure. Be prepared for some engine noise though – it can’t compete with the silky smooth 0.9-litre petrol for overall refinement.

Our Renault Captur deals page will help you save money, direct from Renault’s leading dealers.

6. SEAT Leon ST (1.6-litre Ecomotive)

The spacious SEAT Leon ST is the estate variant of the Leon range. This means you’ll get 587 litres of boot space, plenty of room for all passengers and, being a Volkswagen Group car, you’re treated to a well-appointed interior that uses only the best materials.

With either of the 1.6-litre Ecomotive diesel engines fitted, it’ll return 83mpg and it emits just 87g/km of CO2. As a result, road tax will only cost you £100 in year one. While it isn’t sluggish, you may find it gets a little noisy when you accelerate. Thanks to the Leon’s lovely interior and sleek design, however, this shouldn’t put you off.

Find your perfect car with our SEAT Leon ST deals page – you’ll get great offers from SEAT-approved dealers.

7. Ford Mondeo (2.0-litre TDCi)

The latest Ford Mondeo proves the company can make a car that matches the standards of any of its German competitors. Both the saloon and Mondeo Estate make great family cars thanks to their roomy interiors and capacious boots. Another plus point is the ride quality – it’s a class leader in the comfort stakes.

There’s a smaller 1.5-litre diesel for those that want ultimate efficiency but, for all-round ability, you’ll need the 2.0-litre diesel. It performs admirably on the open road yet can return over 60mpg. Combine this with the fact it costs just £140 a year to tax and you have a very desirable package.

Take a look at our Ford Mondeo deals page if you think this is the car for you.

8. Volvo V40 (D4)

Volvo makes some excellent cars and the V40 is no exception. It’s among the most refined and well built cars on the market and comes top of the class for safety, too. You get a cosseting ride but the V40 interior isn’t as spacious as some rivals. Sink into one of the firm’s legendarily comfortable seats, however, and it’s unlikely you’ll care about the marginally limited practicality.

The technology under the bonnet is some of the best around – the D4 diesel engine produces a strong 190hp but will only cost £120 to tax thanks to its meagre 99g/km CO2 emissions. This fantastic unit means it may be frugal but it’s also fast – 0-62mph is dispatched in just 7.4 seconds.

Find your perfect Volvo with our V40 deals page – you’ll save money, direct from Volvo’s best dealers.

9. Ford B-Max (1.5-litre TDCi)

The Ford B-Max is an excellent small MPV that provides ample room for most families. Its party piece comes in the form of sliding rear doors that make life easy in tight car parks or for fitting child seats. It’s well made and the interior is very durable – just what you need if it’ll be your family runaround.

Opting for the B-Max’s 1.5-litre diesel means it costs £120 to tax thanks to its 98g/km of CO2 output. Nor will you be stuck at the pumps for long thanks to a combined average of 74.3mpg. Some critics have said it lacks the refinement of Ford’s Ecoboost petrol engines, but it has the edge if you make regular long journeys.

To save money on a new one, our Ford B-Max deals page will find you great savings.

10. Fiat 500L (1.3-litre diesel)

The Fiat 500L is one of the funkiest MPVs on sale. While the cheeky flair of its 500 sibling remains, practicality is taken into consideration, too – it’s just as roomy inside as many rivals. Like the rest of the 500 range, there’s an endless list of customisable options with a myriad of colours and trims to choose from.

Fitted with Fiat’s Multijet 1.3-litre diesel, road tax is just £140 thanks to its 107g/km CO2 emissions. Claimed mpg figures around 72mpg will be good news for your wallet, too. Thanks to a tiny turbo, performance isn’t far off the petrols in the range, either.

Find brilliant prices on our Fiat 500L deals page – spec up your ideal model and dealers will send you great offers.

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