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Best estate cars for under £400 per month

If you’ve got £400 a month to spend on a new car then you’re going to want something special for your money. At this price there are a lot of nice cars out there, and if you want a practical estate car with a big boot then you’re spoilt for choice.

There are lots of different ways of financing a new car, so not all identical monthly payments are equal. Some agreements require little or no deposit but can have large balloon payments at the end, while things like leasing mean you don’t own anything when the term is up. The cars in this list are all offered with a personal contract plan (PCP) and have roughly similar deposits with a 10,000 miles per annum agreement – although of course changing the mileage or deposit will change the monthly payment figures substantially.

Remember the cars on this list can still be had with considerable savings if you use carwow and most dealers will still offer attractive finance offers on your discounted price. Alternatively check out our car chooser if you feel that none of them are for you.

Audi A4 Avant

Audi’s latest A4 Avant is a car that showcases the best of the Ingolstadt manufacturer – a sleek exterior with an interior that rivals cars costing many thousands more, and the Avant estate version adds a healthy dose of practicality to the usual A4 strong points. Styling is not the most exciting in this company, but it still comes across as authoritative and reserved at the same time. Being an Audi it’s also decent to drive, and you can have one with quattro all-wheel-drive and powerful diesel and petrol engines.

For our budget there are plenty of A4 Avants available – the popular 2.0-litre diesel in Sport trim comes in at around £340 per month, after a healthy £6,015 deposit, mind you. Residual values are typically strong and so the optional final payment is also high at £16,672 after the three years are up.

Have a look at our Audi A4 configurator to pick your ideal one and see what you could save.

Mazda 6 Tourer

The Mazda 6 Tourer is a product from a manufacturer whose entire model line-up seems unfairly overlooked by buyers. Although it doesn’t have the biggest boot on this list, the 6 Tourer has looks to rival the very best estate cars and an interior that’s well made and spacious – engines are also very economical and come close to returning their official fuel consumption figures.

It is possible to find a 6 Tourer for under £300 per month, but the example here is in top SE-L trim with the more powerful 2.0-litre diesel engine, and will cost £339 per month. Admittedly that’s the same as the Audi, but the deposit is half at £3,066, as is the final optional final fee, which is £8,684.

If you fancy the Mazda 6 Tourer, see how much you could save with our configurator.

Mercedes C-Class Estate

Mercedes‘ latest C-Class has been incredibly well received by buyers and the press alike, and the Estate variant builds on this by adding a larger boot and arguably more cohesive looks. The car’s interior has rightly had lots of praise, and the Estate shares the same premium material choices and design, as well as the handy COMAND infotainment system. Mercedes’ engine range isn’t quite as comprehensive as in certain rivals, but there is still plenty of choice for buyers.

Mercedes has some very attractive finance offers, and the C-Class Estate in mid-spec Sport trim with the 2.1-litre ‘220d’ diesel engine could be yours for just £349 per month after a £5,162 deposit. That’s cheaper than its Audi rival, but the £16,375 optional final payment is broadly similar.

See how much carwow could help you save with our Mercedes C-Class Estate configurator.

Mercedes E-Class Estate

If for some reason you find that the other cars on this list aren’t roomy enough for you then we’re sure you will find the Mercedes E-Class Estate meets your needs. The E-Class is the latest in a long line of roomy Mercedes and has the traditional appeals of a massive boot, classy cabin and even an optional third row (rear-facing and strictly for kids).

For a mere £10 more per month than the the smaller C-Class Estate, you can get the E-Class for £359 monthly payments and a £4,999 deposit which is actually slightly lower than the smaller car’s. This is with the same 2.0-litre ‘220d’ engine and in base SE trim. Admittedly when you get to the end of three years there is a £18,000 price tag if you want to keep the car.

Using our Mercedes E-Class Estate configurator could help you save even more money on your new car.

Skoda Superb Estate

If there’s a manufacturer that’s made a name for itself producing good-value estate cars, it’s Skoda. The Czech company’s Fabia, Octavia and Superb Estates are all among the most practical and wagons out there. The largest is the Superb Estate, which not only goes up against the likes of the Mercedes E-Class Estate in terms of size and space, but also in terms of fit and finish, despite having a much lower list price when comparably equipped.

We’ve chosen top Laurin and Klement trim for our example, with the powerful 2.0-litre diesel and the useful addition of all-wheel-drive, unique in this company for the money. That amount is more than you might expect though, because the monthly payments are £392 over three years, after a hefty £6,500 deposit – both figures higher than premium-badged rivals. The £14,542 optional final payment is more reasonable, but is a sign of the Skoda’s lower residual values – it’s important to remember though that this is a top-spec Superb Estate, and a comparably equipped Mercedes would cost more. Settle for a lower-spec Superb and you’ll still get a lot of kit for your money, for less money per month.

Scope out our Skoda Superb Estate configurator to save with carwow today.

What next?

Not only does carwow’s car configurator find you great discounts on new cars, but it also finds the most affordable finance packages, too. For more help picking your next car. check out our car chooser.

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