Ford Fiesta optional extras – which to buy

The Ford Fiesta has been battling hard at the top of the supermini charts for longer than most of us can remember. Its latest iteration is praised for a fun drive, above-average ride quality and a wide choice of economical engines.

To some buyers, though, the number of trim levels and optional extras available can become somewhat bewildering. For that reason, we’ve poured over the price lists to determine which of the extra goodies are worth your money, and which are a little harder to justify.

Essential options

On scanning through the options list, one or two items stand out as ‘must have’ amongst all of the others. Generally, they either offer great value for money, are very useful or, ideally, both.

Active city stop (£200)

Any feature that could potentially reduce the risk of harm to yourself and others should always be seriously considered. Active City Stop uses a range of sensors to scan the road ahead and, if it detects an imminent collision with an object – be it another car, wall, or pedestrian – it first warns the driver of danger and, if they don’t respond, will perform an emergency stop if needed. Optionally available on all Zetec and Titanium models, it’s £200 very well spent.

Fiesta ST – Mountune performance upgrade (£599, plus fitting)

The Fiesta ST gets rave reviews from all angles of the media. But, if there was one (minor) criticism often levelled at it, it’s that its 180hp output is just a little bit down on some rivals.

However, for £599 tuning company Mountune offers a kit which will boost that figure to 215hp. It knocks half-a-second off the 0-62mph dash (down to 6.4 seconds) and makes even bigger gains to in-gear acceleration times. Better still, all of the work is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and the claimed fuel economy figures are unaffected.

For £375, a similar upgrade is available for the 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol, lifting power by 10hp to 135hp. It’s not quite as essential here as in the ST, but it turns the little three-cylinder turbo into a highly entertaining warm hatch.

Useful options

We’ve picked out three features for the Fiesta which, although not absolutely necessary, might help to enhance your ownership experience one way or another. Think of these options as ones you shouldn’t feel bad about agreeing to if you happen to be feeling flush when you place your order.

Rear privacy glass (£200)

If you go for a Titanium, X, ST-2 or 3 models, tinted rear windows are standard, but they make a great addition to the rest of the range too. Not only will it increase passenger comfort on warm days – the darker glass reduces the quantity of sunlight warming up the inside of the car – but if you’ve left any belongings on the rear seats, it’ll reduces the risk of any undesirables noticing it.

Rear parking sensors (£200)

Thanks to its small dimensions, tight turning circle and decent visibility, the Fiesta is a very easy car to park. That isn’t to say, however, a little extra help wouldn’t be welcomed. On Zetec models, parking sensors are offered as part of a £300 city pack, which also includes electrically folding door mirrors too.

Metallic paint £495

The two colours available as a no cost option might be adequate for some, but others might prefer the wealth of choice at a slightly added cost. This is especially the case if you’re buying an ST – Spirit Blue (£495) looks fantastic on the hot hatch, and as does Molten Orange (£725)

You can find out more about the colour options for the Fiesta in our colours guide.

Frivolous options

Neither of our picks here are remotely necessary, only adding something to wow your friends rather than something which will be handy in day-to-day driving. It’s unlikely you’ll see a return on any investment with these options when you come to sell the car on.

Leather pack £800

On both Zetec S and Titanium models it’s possible to replace the standard cloth trim for a full leather interior. It does make the cabin feel more special but, in a supermini, it’s never something that can be considered essential. It’s perhaps more worthwhile if you’re looking to buy the top spec Titanium X though – it already comes with part leather seats, it only costs a further £250 to upgrade.

Convenience pack (£425)

On Zetec S and Titanium trim levels, it’s possible to to add a pack made up of keyless entry and electrically folding door mirrors. If you’re constantly losing keys at the bottom of your handbag – or, as Ford suggests, desperately short (of pockets) – then you could perhaps bump this option up to ‘useful’, but otherwise it’s far from vital.

Time for a Fiesta…

If you’re happy with the specs but still have one or two questions about what the Fiesta is like to drive and own then our full reviews of both the regular model and the ST should make useful reading. Need to find the best deal on a new Fiesta? Our deal checker should do the trick! Not sure about the Fiesta? Check out our deal pages to see more options.

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