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Five sexy new Mazda MX-5 configurations you should definitely buy

Car configurators are something of a menace in the carwow office. It seems we can’t do ten minutes work without checking what a Lamborghini looks like with gold alloys or how much your dream Rolls-Royce costs.

Mazda has released its configurator for the fab new MX-5 and we’ve used it to build a number of hypothetical models for some equally hypothetical customers. Read on to see if any of these configurations is for you – or if you think we should have our internet taken away on grounds of rubbish taste…

For the cash-strapped saver – £18,495

This configuration features the MX-5 in its absolute cheapest form. It gets the basic white paint finish, black cloth and the normal audio system in lieu of sat-nav. Thankfully, from the outside, you won’t be able to tell you’ve bought the cheapest model because it looks almost indistinguishable from more expensive versions.

For fashion fans – £23,185

If the way you look driving a car is more important than how you feel behind the wheel then this MX-5 might be for you. It gets the top-spec Sport trim and upgraded pearlescent white paint to dazzle onlookers. Although not shown in the configurator image, it also gets tan leather seats to better suit your Christian Louboutin slip-ons.

For those with too much money – £24,505

Although the colour will always be a personal choice, we’re carwow so our favourite has to be blue! This 2.0-litre model comes in our preferred SE-L trim so gets all the kit you need – such as sat-nav – and nothing you don’t. We’re hard pressed to truly recommend spending any more on your MX-5 because, in this guise, it’s a complete package.

For those with too much money – £24,505

If you really, really want to splash all your cash then this is the only MX-5 for you. Its red paint is the most expensive you can specify and makes the car look like it’s driven straight out of press photos onto your drive. Once again, you can’t see the tan leather in the configurator image but suits the luxurious top-spec feel.

For Batman – £20,635

You heard.

Want to make you own?

Just nip over to Mazda’s new MX-5 configurator and see if you can do better – shout out your ideal spec in the comments below!

What next?

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