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8.9 wowscore
Nissan qashqai 2014 white front main
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Frugal engines
  • Spacious, comfy interior
  • Dearer than rivals
  • Generic styling
  • Not a lot else!


Reviews for the new Nissan Qashqai are now flowing through, and it comes as little surprise that it's as well-received as the original car. Nissan has improved upon it in virtually every way - and the outgoing Qashqai was still rated highly by the experts.

It maintains the current Qashqai's overall form, but new details give it a new lease of life - and a much sportier appearance. Some might see echoes of the Mazda CX-5 or Hyundai ix35 in the styling, but that's no bad thing. More important is the excellent ride quality, frugal engines and comfortable cabin - the Qashqai is still a force to be reckoned with.



Practicality is the buzzword here, and the Qashqai offers plenty. Despite a few concerns over rear seat space (it's not small, but nor is it bigger than rivals here), the Qashqai's cabin is otherwise a comfortable place to be.

It feels exceedingly well-built (here in Britain, at the firm's Washington plant in the North East), there's plenty of legroom front and rear, more than adequate headroom (though the glass roof reduces this a little) and there are cubby holes for all the family's trinkets.

The boot is a reasonable size, if not spectacular - at 430 litres, it's the size of most regular family cars and a useful 20 litres bigger than before. It's also 14 litres more spacious than one of the Qashqai's most compelling rivals, the Skoda Yeti. Loading is said to be easy, with a flat lip to slide objects onto the boot floor. There's a compartment below the floor for extra storage space, and if you flip the rear seats forward you get up to 1,585 litres of room. It features in our Top 10 Biggest Estate Car Boots.

No Qashqai+2 is planned this time. The seven-seat model is being superseded by the long-awaited update to the X-Trail. The benefit is that the new, larger Qashqai offers greater space than before without cramming it with extra seats.



The best aspect of the new Qashqai, according to all the reviews, is its ride quality. A new Chassis Control system uses electronics to adjust the car's handling and ride comfort, and even on large alloy wheels there's none of the crashing and banging you'd expect. It's quite a clever system - using the car's brakes to control pitch, so when you hit a speedbump there isn't as much movement as you'd expect.

While a few drivers say the Qashqai has lost some of the cornering flair it once had, it's hardly bad in that respect - and few owners will care about that last few percent of incisiveness anyway. It's a responsive, comfortable and refined vehicle, which ticks all the bases for the average family car. And rumours of a Nismo version abound, so sportier drivers still have something to look forward to...



Engine choice is between a new 1.2-litre DiG-T turbocharged petrol engine with 113 hp, an updated version of the popular 1.5 dCi diesel, and an updated 1.6 dCi diesel too. They manage 50.4, 74.3 and 64.2 mpg respectively. The 1.2 DiG-T is a highly-regarded engine, described as "the sweet spot in the range" for urban drivers. It's "refined and relaxed", quicker than the old 1.6 petrol and enough shove for "brisk" progress.

The 1.5 dCi is a solid option, though. It's the most economical Qashqai lump and cheapest to tax - well, free to tax, to be accurate - while offering enough punch to get down the road with minimal fuss. It'll reach 60 mph in a respectable 11.9 seconds and hit 113 mph, but like many diesels the low-down torque means it feels a little stronger than that figure implies.

The 1.6 dCi is good too if not quite as frugal, but does offer the only automatic option, an excellent and responsive CVT. Economy doesn't suffer too badly with the auto, at 62.8 mpg combined and 119 g/km of CO2. One or two testers aren't keen for the usual CVT reasons - these transmissions can feel a little odd until you're used to them, as revs rise and fall independent of road speed. Nissan has introduced artificial steps to counteract this but some still prefer a traditional manual.

Those of a sporting disposition will be pleased to hear there's a Nismo model on the way too, just as there has been for the smaller Juke and the 370Z sports car.



If the new Qashqai proves as successful as its predecessor, it will be responsible for the safety of tens of thousands of buyers and their families. Thankfully, Nissan hasn't cut corners and safety body Euron NCAP has awarded it a full five stars in its crash testing procedures.

It scores 88 per cent in adult occupant protection and 83 per cent for child occupants. The Qashqai also does well on safety assistance systems, a large factor in Euro NCAP's current scoring. Stability control and seatbelt reminders are standard, autonomous emergency braking is optional, as is lane departure warning. Sign recognition and speed limiters are also in its armoury. It's worth noting that several of these systems also help to bring down the Qashqai's insurance rates, since lower risk of crashing means lower risk for insurers.


Value for money

The new Qashqai features four distinct trim lines - Visia, Acenta, Acenta Premium and Tekna - each of which offers more equipment than before. It's well kitted-out as standard, getting an audio system with CD player and USB & Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control and speed limiter, a manual air conditioning system and the characteristic LED daytime running lights.

Other trim lines add to that tally - Tekna models offering a heated screen and bi-LED headlights, for example. Cars with the 'Smart Vision Pack' include lane departure warning, traffic signal recognition, front collision avoidance and high beam assist.

It's more expensive than some rivals - pricing now starts at £17,595 - but most testers seem to suggest it's worth it. You're absolutely getting what you pay for.



Nissan is onto another winner with the new Qashqai. Already one of the best-selling cars in Britain, the new model offers more comfort, space, performance and economy. You'll pay a little extra for those benefits but the Qashqai has risen right to the top of its class and is more than worth the money.

In fact, it could be even better value than that - head to our Nissan Qashqai deals page and see how much you could save on Nissan's excellent family car.

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Key Details

Price range:
£17,995 - £28,280
50 - 74
Date released:
Replacement due:
Not for some time - this is a brand-new model!
Model history:
The Nissan Qashqai has been around since 2007 and enjoyed a couple of facelifts in that time. For 2014, the Qashqai has been refreshed entirely, with cutting-edge technology and a revised engine range.
Engine to go for:
The 1.5 dCi, according to early reviews - it offers a good mix of performance and economy
Engine to avoid:
None are particularly worth avoiding - all have merit!
Options to avoid:
Some reviewers aren't so keen on the continuously-variable transmission, or CVT. If an auto isn't vital, the manual is the better option
Engine naming:
DiG-T refers to the new turbocharged petrol engine; dCi models are the familiar diesels
We've taken a look at the first specifications and pricing of the new Qashqai - you can read more about it here

carwow has also driven the new Nissan Qashqai - click on the link for our first impressions.

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8.9 out of 10 from 15 reviews
Read Nissan Qashqai reviews >>
Type Reviews Score
1.2 DiG-T 4 9.3
1.5 dCi 5 9.0
1.6 dCi 3 8.0
General 5 9.2
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Nissan Qashqai User Reviews

1.6 Petrol (2007) 30.0 mpg
8 wowscore

I got mine when in 2007 and bought the 1.6. I would get the diesel as it is more powerful and the 1.6 felt slow

  • By Julia Golding
2.0 dCi Tekna (2010) 37.0 mpg
9 wowscore

We replaced the Shogun we had with a Qashqai and its such a better car. The Qashqai is smooth, comfortable and far cheaper to refill. In the snow it worked perfectly. Never broken down on us so far. 

Only downsides are the 18inch wheels which are very easy to scrape on kerbs and that the heater is slow to make the car warm. 

  • By Tom Shardlow
1.5 dCi 2WD (2009) 42.0 mpg
8 wowscore

I got a Qashqai 2nd hand in Summer 2010. It's made a good family car, all 3 kids can fit in and there is lots of room for our bags when we go on holiday. The engine does lot of miles for the diesel we put it and isn't very noisy. 

I would go for the panoramic sunroof if I could, as the black interior feels a bit dark sometimes. A good car for sure. 

  • By Vicky Jenner
1.5 dCi 110 (2010) 47.0 mpg
7 wowscore

Really happy with our car generally, but a bit let down by the engine. The 1.5 Diesel we have is noisy and to be honest a bit too slow for my liking. We test drove the bigger diesel, but didn't actually drive the one we ordered, because the dealer didn't have one to test. 

Apart from the engine, everything is good. Nothing broken down under warranty (except for a puncture), lots of space for the whole family and the interior doesn't look too worn out, even though we've had it for over a year now. 

Good car, just don't get this engine. 

  • By Aidan Martin, who owns this car
1.5 dci n-tec+ (2011) 32.1 mpg
4 wowscore

ive got the 1.5 dci n-tec+ dec 2011 brand new
.i must say that the build of the car is excellent and the 360 degree camera is very usefull for easy parking ,but the miles per gallon lets it down,i looked at the figures before i bought the car and i was expecting 45-55 as stated-im very lucky if i get 32 mpg around town and 40.1 on the motorway.im so diappointed we are going to change it and its only 4mths old.
ive contacted nissan and they said the figures they give on the cars they sell are as a guild only! no help what so ever..

  • By mrs jennings, who owns this car
1.6dCi (2011) 48.0 mpg
9 wowscore

I was looking for a new company car with 7 seat capability and plumped for the Qashquai+2 nTec (having previoulsy driven an S-Max 1.8 Zetec). I ordered the 2.0 dCi but was fortunate to actually have the 1.6 dCi deleivered (Nov 2011) as an alternative which means lower personal tax and better fuel economy, with no real loss of performance. It does everything well and features like the built-in sat nav and the phone connection are really good. My only complaint is that the front screen demister doesn't extend across the full width of the windscreen and it takes ages to clear (and I really miss the heated front screen on the S-Max). Apart from that I am really pleased and will definitely consider the new model planned for 2014 when I come to change it.

  • By Neal Hill, who owns this car
1 wowscore

What a shame!
We bought a brand new Qashqai Tekna, top of the range, taking delivery in June 2011.
Since then I have not stopped singing its praises, performance, economy, sound system, reversing cam.
In early January 2013 we got a puncture. It was cold, raining and dusk. I quickly flipped open the rear door, lifted the mat and there it was - NOTHING! No spare, no Jack, no wheel brace, NOTHING!
All there was, was what they call an “instant mobility” kit. Ahaaa! Sounds good. Turns out it’s about as useful as a chocolate fireguard! This comprises of a compressor pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter and a bottle of what looks like PVA glue that pumps in along with the air, magically sealing the hole and getting you home, although it does state you are supposed to locate the offending penetrating article and remove it first. Not the easiest of tasks in failing light with the tyre flat as a pancake and NO JACK! When the bit was eventually taken out of the tyre, you could see daylight through the rubber!
We have 3 years roadside recovery though and after hours wait the RAC turn up and have a big air compressor on board which they promptly attach to the valve and pump and the tyre just stays flat They then call out a low loader which after about an hour 20 mins arrives, winches the Qashqai on and takes me home.
On my drive, I now have the car, which cannot be moved and still no jack to get the tyre off!
Happy days!
I won’t bore you with the details in overcoming this situation, but eventually got mobile after a lot of running around. Total time spent, probably in the region of 10 hours from start to mobility.
Evidently it seems they stopped putting a spare in about 2 years ago. Nobody mentioned this at the showroom when buying. Thank the Lord we were not far from home and still in guarantee, also that none of our young grandchildren were in the car, as often is the case.
I have bought now, from Glyn Hopkin, a space saver wheel and jack kit for just under £200 which they state cannot be fitted to the Tekna due to the sub-woofer in the back. It can. They are wrong!
I can now change a wheel and get home in a few minutes.
Have a look in your boot before you venture on that trip. It used to be illegal not to carry a spare. Now it’s OK evidently if you have a bottle of PVA and a little pump instead. They tell me that 80% of cars are now sold like this. I think next time I buy, the first question I will ask is what’s in the boot?
Other than all this unwarranted grief, I’d have given a 9 or 10/10

  • , who owns this car
1 wowscore

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  • , who owns this car
1.5d (2007)
5 wowscore

Beware shocks are common pproblem Nissan know this but its not in the advert ! had to change them at 40,000 miles local garage couldn't believe italso aircon compressor does not have a very long life it can seize and case engine to stall some cars were re called for this but even if your car develops this problem Nissan will not assist you. the aircon compressor also phone to rust.

  • By mwright , who owns this car
1.6 dci cvt (2014) 42.3 mpg
6 wowscore

A reasonable car which has been back 4 times to fix rattle. It was assumed the broken rear parking sensor was to blame. Still rattles on certain surfaces ( like a loose wire shaking against bodywork) Other minor problems is the fixture of rubber seal on rear doors. First 1 now fixed but other side pulling away from door. Problems with radio, will not change channel when using touch screen. Switch off and on and fiddling on the move is not the right thing to be doing whilst driving. Poor mpg - had the same mpg from my Mondeo 2.0tdi estate (59). A disappointment from what could have been a nice car

  • By mac hocking, who owns this car
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  • Nissan qashqai 2014 white boot flat
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 white headlight closeup
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  • Nissan qashqai 2014 white rear closeup
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  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue front main
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  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue front 3
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue front 3
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue three quarters
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue side on
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue front on
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue rear
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue rear on
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue headlights 3
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue headlights 2
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue headlights
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  • Nissan qashqai 2014 blue rear closeup
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  • Nissan qashqai 2014 interior dashboard
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 interior dash
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 interior rear seats
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 interior gearbox
  • Nissan qashqai 2014 interior gearbox 2