Top Ten 7 Seater Cars

There are more than 42 new seven-seat cars on sale, so how do you choose which one is right for your family?

You could do worse than to continue reading, because we’ve selected the ten best seven-cars ranked by our very own wowscore – our simple rating system that aggregates scores given by professional car reviewers. It’s pretty simple – the higher the wowscore, the better the car!

Click on any of the cars’ highlighted names to be taken to that model’s full summary page, where you can read critics’ reviews, owner impressions, see photos, and check out each car’s vital statistics.

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10 – Hyundai Santa Fe
Make: Hyundai Model: Santa Fe


Fed up of seven-seater cars looking a bit “mumsy”? Don’t have the budget to stretch to some of the cars further on in this list? You could do a lot worse than look to the Hyundai Santa Fe, with its 7.9 wowscore. You could do a lot worse, in fact, as the Hyundai isn’t just a great car – it’s also a bit of a looker, as far as family off-roaders go.

In typical Hyundai style, it’s also relatively affordable (though by Hyundai standards it’s quite a sum of money!) and well equipped. Reviewers love the interior, and you should too – it looks good, it’s well made and it feels like a high-quality environment. The sixth and seventh pews can be raised from the boot floor. They don’t suit adults, but a few children will get in there fine thanks to a seat on the middle row that tips and tumbles forwards. It drives well too, and you’ll get up to 47 mpg.

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Price range £26,000-£35,030 / MPG 41-47

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9 – Citroen Grand C4 Picasso
Make: Citroen Model: Grand C4 Picasso

A new entrant in the top ten, Citroen’s Grand C4 Picasso is probably the most stylish seven-seater car on sale right now. It’s ranked highly by the experts too, who are all pretty positive about the styling too. The virtues don’t end there, of course – it also has a spacious cabin and a typically-Citroen soothing ride quality. Testers say it lacks the outright handling abilities of a Ford S-Max, but that may not be an issue on the school run.

Where the Picasso scores very well is frugality. The most efficient models sip a gallon of diesel every 74 miles, though those models are best left aside for those who occasionally find themselves in a hurry. Luckily, higher-power diesels are also available, if you don’t mind sacrificing a little economy.

Its range of abilities was enough to earn it carwow’s 2014 best seven-seat car award, so don’t discount the French superstar if you’re after something a bit different.

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Price range £19,205-£27,855 / MPG 44-74

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8 – SEAT Alhambra
Make: SEAT Model: Alhambra

SEAT has scattered some of its stereotypical latin flair on the Alhambra, but there’s a good dose of German sensibility in there too. It gets a wowscore of 8.0, and some very impressive reviews. There is not only plenty of room in the cabin, but also space for luggage. Unlike some here, it also has sliding doors, which make getting in and out of the car really easy.

The Alhambra is among the more traditional MPVs here, with full seating for seven people – many offer seats only suitable for children. That old-school nature is telling in the SEAT’s economy though, as the most miserly models only manage 50 mpg. Performance is more than respectable though, the top-end diesels whisking you to 60 mph in just 9.3 seconds.

Petrol fans need not apply; SEAT slimmed down the range a while back so you’ll only get a diesel Alhambra if you’re buying a new one.

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Price range £25,345-£33,475 / MPG 47-50

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7 – Peugeot 5008
Make: Peugeot Model: 5008

The Peugeot 5008 is one of the best family cars on sale. It won a whole host of awards at launch, and the wowscore of 8.2 backs up the generally positive reviews. It’s not quite as stylish as the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, with which it shares a platform, but the 5008 still rides high from its initial reviews and recent revisions have done nothing to diminish its talents.

Like the Citroen the two rear seats are a bit of a squeeze, but certainly usable for kids. The interior is great too, with a quality feel you’ll not be expecting if you’ve not driven a Peugeot in a while, good leg and headroom, and if you keep those rear seats stowed, a huge boot. Economy is great too – the recent addition of e-HDi diesels means a top figure of 65.7 mpg, and £30 yearly vehicle tax.

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Price range £19,050-£26,460 / MPG 40-65

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6 – Ford S-Max
Make: Ford Model: S-Max

Several years after launch, the Ford S-Max is still one of the better seven-seater MPVs. It’s a stylish car, fun to drive and has plenty of space inside. Once again, rear seat space isn’t brilliant, at least if you’re an adult, but for child duties or infrequent journeys it does the job in that regard.

Whoever you’re driving around, you’ll be having more fun than in most seven-seaters here – the S-Max has always been great to drive. It rides and handles well and the engines are punchy. The top Ecoboost petrols are even quick enough to scare some of the slower hot hatchbacks on the market! What the S-Max can’t do now is match some of its rivals on economy – a 54 mpg maximum isn’t bad, but not spectacular these days either.

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Price range £23,110-£32,885 / MPG 34-54

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5 – Volkswagen Sharan
Make: Volkswagen Model: Sharan

If the Sharan looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve taken a good look at the SEAT Alhambra further up the page. They’re essentially the same car, though Volkswagen’s take gets a slightly higher wowscore of 8.2. In reality, the cars are similar enough that each is equally worthy of purchase, though Volkswagen’s offering wins out on image if not on price.

Strip it to the core and you’ll find the same benefits – this is a proper seven-seater (none of that ‘children-only in the back’ nonsense) with enough space for people and luggage. It’s also built well and easy to drive. Like the SEAT, it’s partly let down by economy – 50 mpg is all you get here – and while the VW badge has some kudos, the styling is very much of the MPV old-school. This is a car designed for carrying your ever-growing family, and people will know it when it’s sitting on your driveway.

That all said, if you’re taken by the Sharan, the SEAT version is a little bit cheaper for essentially the same car.

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Price range £25,060-£34,530 / MPG 33-50

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4 – Volkswagen Touran
Make: Volkswagen Model: Touran

VW’s Sharan a little too charismatic for you? May we introduce the Touran – a smaller MPV that fills a gap between the Sharan and the Golf SV. Like the Peugeot and Citroen offerings here, the rear row of seats is a little more cramped than in the bigger MPVs, but its price is lower than the bigger cars too.

The wowscore, on the other hand, is higher – 8.3. That’s the mark of a car that’s practical, comfortable and very well built, with cubby holes scattered throughout the cabin. The car’s seating arrangements aren’t as good as some rivals though – they can be tricky to fold up and down without considerable effort. Better is the driving experience – it’s got good steering and a compliant ride – while 61 mpg economy potential should save you pennies at the pump.

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Price range £19,565-£28,125 / MPG 41-61

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3 – Ford Grand C-Max
Make: Ford Model: Grand C-Max

The Grand C-Max clearly got the attention of European Car of the Year judges in 2011, when it was the only big MPV that made the list. Since then it’s remained near the top of the 7-seater charts, with a wowscore of 8.3. Although fine for young families, you may want to give it a miss if your children are older because the back seats aren’t too spacious. It’s also a little ungainly from some angles, so if you want a little style, look to one of the French duo.

Like most Fords though, it does well when it comes to actually driving the thing. There’s good steering, a cosseting ride and minimal body roll. There’s a wide engine range too, with a strong mix of petrols and diesels. Ford’s excellent 1.0-litre Ecoboost joined the range not so long ago and promises economy in the 50s, while 1.6 TDCi diesels manage over 60 mpg. Usefully, Ford also offers some higher-power options, including a 160hp 2.0-litre TDCi that hits 60 in a little over nine seconds. Most families should be able to find a version of the C-Max they’ll like.

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Price range £19,745-£27,000 / MPG 44-60

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2 – Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Make: Land Rover Model: Range Rover Sport

And so begins the Land Rover whitewash at the top. The Range Rover Sport is new to our list and with a sixty grand starting price – yes, that’s where it starts – it probably won’t top your list for affordable family cars.

It is, however, a truly excellent vehicle in many respects. It’s almost half a tonne lighter than the old Range Rover Sport, which has transformed the way it drives, the way it performs and the amount of fuel it uses. Amazingly, the thriftiest diesels manage mid-40s economy, yet all models are powerful and perform with verve. If you’re feeling truly silly with your seven-seat options, a 503hp supercharged V8 tops the range, but realistically, the SDV6 diesels are all the car you’d ever need. Oh, and the sixth and seventh seats? Kids-only, this time.

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Price range £60,005-£83,175 / MPG 22-44

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1 – Land Rover Discovery 4
Make: Land Rover Model: Discovery 4

The Discovery 4 is an outstanding car, beating even its Range Rover stablemate with a wowscore of 9.2. It’s well built, excellent off-road and a very comfortable way to travel. Not only that, but adults can actually use the rearmost seats, which is a rarity in the off-road class. Getting to them is a little more tricky, but the utility is there, and the cabin is huge whether the seats are up or down.

Though not cheap, many of the reviews say it feels like a car that ought to cost a lot more. If you have the cash and don’t mind the 35 mpg thirst (the Range Rover Sport has a newer engine and weighs a great deal less, hence its better figures), it’s still the best seven-seater option available.

It would’ve won the best seven-seater category in the 2014 carwow awards, were it not such an accomplished off-roader too, so it won our best 4×4 award instead. It really can be all things to all people.

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Price range £40,005-£64,805 / MPG 35

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Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

Stylish, comfortable and spacious seven-seater MPV
£19,970 - £28,460
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Ford Grand C-Max

A seven-seater people carrier that's fun to drive
£20,295 - £27,865
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Land Rover Discovery

Class-leading seven-seat off-roader can do it all
£41,600 - £59,970
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