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Skoda Octavia colour guide

As well as being one of the most spacious cars on sale, and one of the best-value cars in its segment, the Skoda Octavia also hits the right notes when it comes to colour choice. The big Skoda has one of the widest ranges out there for a car in its class, so it’s important you take a look at the choice before you even think about placing your order. These colours are all available on the Octavia Estate too.

You’ll have to be careful though – a number of the more vibrant options are only available on the speedy Octavia vRS. You wouldn’t want to get your heart set on a specific colour only to find that it wasn’t an option on the trim level you’ve chosen, which is why we’ve put together this guide to the whole range of paints available for the Octavia range.

Solid colours

The trend at the moment seems to be for most manufacturers to offer only a couple of solid paint options on most of their vehicles. Skoda goes against the trend with five different solids, but they’re not all available across the range.

Candy White (£0)

This almost obligatory solid white is actually one of the most striking colours for this latest version of the Octavia. Although it can never claim to be the best-looking car out there, Candy White certainly makes the most of what it’s got.

Corrida Red (£0)

Red and white are often the most commonly available choices of non-metallic paint, so it would have been odd if they weren’t both included here. Corrida Red is a bright, flat red that can be a little too much for some, especially on a car like the Octavia where there’s a lot of metal on show.

Pacific Blue (£0)

Naming a blue after a sea or an ocean isn’t exactly original, which is appropriate as Pacific Blue is nothing special either. If you are getting a fabulous deal and it’s the only colour available then you could probably live with it, but it’s likely to the first choice for very few. Buyers of the vRS spec won’t be shedding too many tears that it isn’t available to them.

Sprint Yellow (£525 – vRS only)

When it comes down to it, you don’t see many variations of yellow on cars and Sprint Yellow is the kind of shade you would be expecting. It’s a vRS-only colour, which won’t come as too much of a surprise to many people. At an extra cost of £525, you will really have to like yellow to choose it. But with the vRS’s spoiler and bodykit, it does look suitably aggressive, and certainly means you can’t accuse the Skoda of looking dowdy.

Meteor Grey (£200 – vRS only)

With grey seemingly being the new silver, it’s nice to see a different slant on it here from Skoda. Not too many manufacturers offer a solid grey and as a £200 option that is only available on the vRS, it’s a good-value way of making sure your car is a rare sight.

Metallic and pearlescent colours

The only pearl effect colour in this range is the black, which is probably why Skoda lumps it in with all the metallic options and at the same price. It would be nice to say that all these colours are winners and that it doesn’t matter which you choose, but there’s certainly one or two that you’d probably be best giving a miss to.

Brilliant Silver Metallic (£525)

There’s not a lot to say about silver unless it’s got some unpleasant added hue hiding in there somewhere. Thankfully, Brilliant Silver doesn’t, so if you’re not trying to stand out from the crowd or make some sort of a statement, it’s a good choice.

Black Magic Pearl Effect (£525)

If you like black cars, Black Magic Pearl is a really nice shade that won’t disappoint. There is always the argument that it only looks good when it’s clean, but that really goes for just about any colour to some degree.

Denim Blue Metallic (£525)

Denim Blue is a pleasant, mild shade of blue, but it’s not going to grab attention like an electric type of blue. This is one that you would probably need to see in real life as because it doesn’t really come across in the brochure. It’s not available on the vRS.

Rallye Green Metallic (£525 – vRS only)

Green is without doubt one of the most divisive colours out there for just about anything other than a 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 fastback. Ahem. Even Range Rover and Land Rover owners can’t agree on the merits for against green anymore. However, this vRS-only colour is a lively, vibrant – almost lime – green, which suits the vRS’s sporty credentials.

Race Blue Metallic (£525)

This electric blue looks good on either the vRS or standard Octavia. In fact, if you dress your standard Octavia up in Race Blue you will make a lot of people think it’s a vRS anyway; a nice colour that is also favoured by police for their unmarked Octavia vRSes. Highly recommended.

Cappuccino Beige Metallic (£525)

If you want to give any car’s resale value the kiss of death, you only need to order it in a colour that has ‘beige’ somewhere in the description. It would be nice to find something good to say about Cappuccino Beige but it really is some task. Having said all that, there must be somebody that likes it, and it hides the dirt well. Perhaps this is best left to the mud-plugging Skoda Yeti

Topaz Brown Metallic (£525)

Before you dismiss Topaz Brown you should see it in the flesh. It won’t be to everybody’s taste but it is definitely a colour that doesn’t come across in a picture – it’s actually quite a deep brown that lends the Octavia quite a stately look.

Rio Red Metallic (£525)

If you like red cars but the Corrida Red is a little too post-box for you, this likeable metallic has quite a bit going for it. Don’t say Skoda isn’t giving you a good choice – many manufacturers would only offer one shade of red.

Metal Grey Metallic (£525)

On the other hand, you can’t have too many greys to choose from. Metal Grey Metallic may not be the most imaginative title in the world, but it’s probably the best out of the three on offer and a true ‘gunmetal’ shade if ever there was one.

Moon White Metallic (£525)

You’re unlikely to ever be able to tell two whites apart in a brochure or car configurator unless one of them is actually more of a cream, which Moon White certainly isn’t. If you love white you’ll love this, but if you are prone to the odd shunt and scrape, keep in mind that it will be much harder to repair than a solid colour.

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