Peugeot 5008 interior

Open the driver’s door you’re greeted by the sort of materials, design and build quality that used to be reserved for premium cars – not a practical seven-seater Peugeot




The cabin is pretty much identical to the smaller 3008's - which is a good thing

The Peugeot 5008 is currently one of the most stylish SUVs around, only matched by the smaller 3008 model that has a near-identical interior.

The way the dashboard wraps-around the driver and the metal shortcut keys for the infotainment system is a pleasant and fresh departure from the usual-for-class piano black plastics and straight lines – we’re looking at you, Skoda Kodiaq!

If the International Space Station was redecorated by some style-savvy French astronauts, you can bet it’d look something like the 5008’s futuristic cabin

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The cabin is pretty much identical to the smaller 3008's - which is a good thing

The good news doesn’t end there, however, because all cars come with an infotainment system with an 8.0-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. Having this functionality means that, even if you don’t pick sat-nav from the car’s options list, you can still use your phone’s built-in guidance apps on the move.

Another standard feature is the digital instrument binnacle that Peugeot calls i-Cockpit. This is particularly generous because you have to pay extra for equivalent systems on VWs and most Audis. The i-Cockpit is as configurable as the central infotainment screen, but most eye-catching and informative is the sat-nav mode which moves the guidance from the central screen to the digital binnacle right before your eyes.

However, there are a few niggles that don’t really ruin the whole infotainment experience but make it less intuitive than in rivals. For example, if you want to make a change to the climate control you must briefly take your eyes off the road because there are no intuitive rotary dials.

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