Toyota bZ4X EV concept revealed: prices, specs and release date

April 19, 2021 by

Toyota has revealed the bZ4X Concept, which gives you a first look at an all-new electric car that’ll go on sale soon. 

  • Toyota bZ4X concept revealed.
  • Previews upcoming electric SUV
  • Angular styling details
  • Production-looking interior
  • All-wheel-drive system developed with Subaru
  • Steer-by-wire tech
  • First of 15 electric Toyotas by 2025

Toyota has revealed the bZ4X Concept, which gives you a first look at an upcoming electric SUV. It’ll start plans for 15 Toyota electric cars by 2025, with the production version of the car to come in 2022.

Toyota bZ4X design

Its name might sound like it came from Elon Musk’s ‘Big Book of Baby Names,’ but the Toyota bZ4X looks almost like it’s ready to go into production.

It gets thin headlights upfront and a smooth bumper that’s flanked by a few air ducts and intakes, but there’s no reason Toyota couldn’t fit similar features to a future production car.

There’s a lot of resemblance to the Rav4 SUV in the side profile

The side of the bZ4X mimics the boxy profile of the RAV4 SUV, with the back of the car getting angular details and a double-stacked LED brake lights similar to those on the Toyota Prius.

Toyota bZ4X interior

Just like the exterior, this interior looks ready for the road

As with the exterior, the Toyota bZ4X’s cabin looks like like it could be mostly carried over into an eventual road car – with one potential exception. Any guesses what it might be?

There’s a steering yoke rather than a conventional wheel — a bit like Tesla has recently done

Yep, it’s that steering wheel.  Its airplane-style yoke design looks similar to what you’ll find in the recently-updated Tesla Model S. This controls a new steer-by-wire system rather than physically being connected to the front wheels, and comes with a large digital display sat on top to complete the cockpit-like look.

There’s a large central display too, though there’s plenty of physical controls surrounding it — suggesting Toyota has no intention of following Tesla or Volkswagen down the buttonless interior route.

Toyota bZ4X batteries and motors

The all-wheel-drive system in the bZ4X has been developed with Subaru

Toyota hasn’t confirmed what battery sits within the bZ4X concept, though has said it uses a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive system that’s been developed with Subaru.

It’s fair to presume a Subaru version of the car will come as a result — the pair have track history, developing the GT86 and BRZ sports cars together which have both had successors recently revealed.

Toyota bZ4X price and release date

Expect a road-going version of the Toyota bZ4X to enter production in 2022, with only minimal design changes compared with this concept.

It’s likely it will be priced over £40,000 – a bit pricey for a Toyota. However, considering the carmaker plans to launch 15 all-electric models before 2025, you can bet cheaper alternatives will be along soon.

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