New 400hp electric Alpine SUV coming soon: exclusive render reveals design

June 30, 2021 by

Alpine will build on the success of its A110 sports car with a new electric SUV that could have more than 400hp from dual electric motors. Read on for full details…

  • Three new Alpine EVs confirmed
  • Electric SUV will be brand’s first
  • Design revealed in exclusive image
  • Styling inspired by A110 sports car
  • Could use Nissan Ariya components
  • 400hp+ possible
  • 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds
  • Around 250 miles of range
  • On sale before 2025
  • Could cost more than £60,000

You’ll know Alpine from the small, lightweight A110 sportscar, but the French brand is getting ready to launch three new electric cars, including an EV SUV that could produce more than 400hp. This fully electric Skoda Enyaq vRS alternative could have dual electric motors, four-wheel drive and around 250 miles of range when it goes on sale before 2025.

New Alpine electric SUV design

The new electric SUV has been teased in an official image from Alpine, alongside a low-slung sportscar and a small hatchback that appears to be based on the retro Renault 5 EV concept (shown above.)

Alpine will build an electric hatchback (left) and SUV (centre) and a new sports car (right)

Not much is visible in the dark, moody image (above), but you can make out four cross-shaped daytime-running lights as well as a small Alpine logo on the car’s nose – if you peer really closely…

Alpine’s first SUV could look something like this…

Using this teaser photo and some photoshop wizardry, our exclusive rendering (above) shows you what the finished car could look like.

Unlike the A110, the new SUV will have four doors and a taller, flatter roofline, along with a completely remodelled front end, jacked-up suspension and a host of chunky SUV-inspired details. It could keep the sports car’s signature scalloped sides and contoured bonnet, however.

New Alpine electric SUV motors and performance

The Alpine will share electric components with the upcoming Nissan Ariya SUV (above)

Alpine doesn’t have to develop its own electric car from scratch – the French brand is part of the wider Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi partnership, so it could use components from cars that are about to go into production. As a result, it’s possible the new Alpine SUV will be based on the same electric underpinnings as the Nissan Ariya – a Qashqai-sized electric car that was revealed last year.

In top-spec trim, the Ariya SUV comes with two electric motors that produce a combined 394hp. That’s 102hp more than the most powerful Alpine A110 you can buy today and plenty in a big, practical family SUV.

You can bet Alpine will be keen to squeeze a few more horsepower from its upcoming electric car, however. Nissan has confirmed that the fastest version of the Ariya will accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds – a more powerful Alpine SUV with more than 400hp could sneak under the five-second mark.

New Alpine electric SUV batteries and range

If the new Alpine SUV does indeed use the same basic construction as the upcoming Nissan Ariya, you can expect it to come with an 87kWh battery. This unit gives dual-motor versions of the Nissan a fair 248 miles of range. Chances are this figure won’t change dramatically for the new Alpine.

It’s likely the new car will come with a 22kW on-board charger, allowing you to brim its batteries using a wallbox in around 6 hours. It’ll also be compatible with more powerful 130kW public fast-chargers to boost its batteries from empty to around 80% full in approximately half an hour.

New Alpine EV SUV price and release date

Think an electric Alpine SUV is strange? Get a load of this jacked-up A110 Sports X concept

Alpine is part of the larger Renault brand, which has already confirmed it will launch 10 new EVs before 2025 (seven of which will come with a Renault badge.) It’s possible that this new Alpine SUV could be one of the other 3 new electric models the Renault group plans to launch.

When it does go on sale, this new model will certainly cost more than today’s Alpine A110 sports car. That dinky two-seater will set you back from less than £50,000, but this future electric car could cost at least £60,000.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a new EV? Compare the top 10 electric cars or (if you’re after something a bit more sporty) check out the latest Alpine A110 deals for the best carwow offers on this excellent small sports car. 

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