New Alpine GT X-Over prototype spotted: price, specs and release date

March 21, 2022 by

An electric SUV from Alpine is on the horizon, and a Dacia-based prototype has been spotted testing. Read on for everything known so far.

  • New Alpine GT X-Over on the way
  • Dacia-based prototype spotted
  • Finished car to be inspired by Alpine A110
  • Could use 400hp electric motors
  • Around 250 miles of range expected
  • On sale by 2025

A new SUV from Alpine is on the horizon, and a very early prototype has been spotted testing.

This electric car has been dubbed Alpine GT X-Over internally and will square up against the likes of the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT and upcoming electric Porsche Macan.

New Alpine GT X-Over design

As cool as this mule looks, it’s more Frankstein’s Dacia than anything like the finished Alpine article.

Though based on the Dacia Duster, this very early test car gives some hints as to how the Alpine GT X-Over could shape-up.

It may end up being a similar size to the Duster, albeit with wheels positioned further apart beneath swollen, more aggressive arches.

Those wheels have been nabbed from the Renault Megane R.S. Trophy, so expect to see a set of completely different alloys, unique to Alpine, on the finished SUV.

Alpine has already teased the GT X-Over though. As you’ll see from these darkened images, it’ll have a coupe-like roofline and a quad-headlight setup as seen on the A110 sports car.

Alpine will also build an electric hatchback (left) and a new sports car (right)

New Alpine GT X-Over electric motors and performance

Rather than going in blind with the development of its own electric system, Alpine will likely dip into the Renault-Nissan alliance for some tech.

More specifically, it could borrow the 394hp dual-motor setup from the top-spec Nissan Ariya SUV. This could well be tuned even further and produce more than 400hp. If so, expect a 0-60mph time below five seconds.

However, Alpine will reportedly work with Lotus to build a new electric sportscar. Lotus is also getting ready to release a new electric SUV, so it’s conceivable that parts for this car could find their way into the new Alpine X-Over, too.

New Alpine GT X-Over batteries and range

If Alpine borrows the Nissan Ariya’s 87kWh battery, you can expect the new electric X-Over to come with around 250 miles of range.

New Alpine GT X-Over price and release date

Alpine’s parent company, Renault, has confirmed it’ll launch 10 EVs across all its brands by 2025. Therefore it’s likely the Alpine GT X-Over will go on sale before then.

When it does arrive, expect it to cost more than the Alpine A110 sports car. That kicks off around £50,000, but the SUV is likely to exceed £60,000.

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