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Mercedes GLA colours guide and prices

The Mercedes GLA is a practical and comfortable SUV crossover with a high quality interior and distinctive styling. If this sounds like the perfect car for you, don’t forget that whatever colour you choose will affect how easy it’ll be to sell on and how often you’ll have to clean your new car.

The same colour palette is offered for the Sport and AMG Line versions of the GLA. In all, there are nine hues available – two standard colours and seven metallic shades.

Put a Mercedes GLA into our car configurator to see the great deals on offer, or, if you can’t tell the difference between a pearlescent purple and matte mauve paint job, our paint types guide is here to help.

Non-metallic colours

Cirrus White – £0

This bright, soap-powder white is one of the UK’s most popular car colours, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a buyer for your GLA once you’re done with it. No shade, however will take more effort to keep in pristine condition. Bear this in mind if you’re a regular motorway driver, or use rural routes extensively.

Jupiter Red – £0

Although this bold post-box red could brighten up your driveway, it may not be to everyone’s taste. Red cars typically sell fairly well second hand and should fare quite well when it comes to concealing road grime.

Metallic colours

Cosmos Black – £575

This shiny black is a motoring classic that should change hands briskly when you want to sell your vehicle on. Although a good choice for any business or fleet car, it may not conceal grubbiness well – poor quality car washes may also leave tide marks behind after washing. For best results make sure you dry the car thoroughly after washing!

Elbaite Green – £575

This bright lime green will certainly help your GLA stand out in traffic. Although vibrant and zingy, it may not be to all drivers’ tastes, so consider possible delays when selling on, and you may get slightly less money back when you do sell.

Mountain Grey – £575

This mid-range grey could be ideal if you’re after something a touch more sober, and it ought not give you any problems when the time comes to sell. We anticipate it should hide dirt fairly well too, needing a clean less frequently than either black or white cars.

Northern Lights Violet – £575

This purple shade is characterful and unusual but won’t feature highly on many ‘favourite car colour’ lists. As a result, it may not be the easiest car colour to sell on, but it should do a fair to middling job of hiding grime between washes.

Orient Bronze – £575

This hot chocolate shade may give you a few resale headaches but could be ideal if you fancy a change from more traditional greys and silvers. Although unusual, this shade should do relatively well in terms of hiding dirt and grime, and we think it looks rather smart on the GLA.

Polar Silver – £575

This pale silver is likely to be a hit with second hand buyers, since monochrome finishes are always very popular. Given the lightness of this colour, though, you could find you’ll need to clean it regularly to keep it looking its best.

South Seas Blue – £575

This cheery sky blue should combine a touch of character with the ease of a speedy re-sale. Although not the easiest shade to keep clean, even light blues should out-perform white cars when it comes to hiding grime.

Save money on your new Mercedes GLA

Our Mercedes GLA car configurator will help you asses exactly how much you’ll save when you purchase your new car through carwow. If you’re still making a decision about which car to buy, check out our car chooser tool.

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