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Toyota Avensis colours guide and prices

Anyone searching for a large family car is likely to have stumbled across the Toyota Avensis at some stage.

The third-generation model received extensive updates for 2015, and has been given the thumbs up from testers thanks to impressive refinement, a surprisingly engaging drive and low running costs which make it a great choice for business users and a tempting alternative to the Vauxhall Insignia and Ford Mondeo.

The Avensis is well equipped as standard, but there are still decisions that need to be made. Namely, what colour should you choose? We’ve run through the 10 available options to show you how much they cost and what they look like. Remember to check out our guide to the different types of car paint available.

Solid paint finishes

Manufacturers generally offer no-cost-option exterior paint options for anyone who wants to buy the cheapest possible version of the car. There’s only one free finish for the Avensis.

Pure White – £0

A fairly standard gloss white. Many smaller or sportier cars can pull it off, but on a large family saloon it looks a little too cheap to our eyes. You’d be best spending a little extra for one of the metallic paint options, because a flat white won’t be very desirable on the used market.

Metallic paint finishes

How do you make a paint job look more expensive? Stirring in thousands of tiny metal flakes seems to do the job pretty well! Metallic paints add an extra sparkle to any car, especially when the weather is nice.

Aspen Grey – £495

Almost any new car you can think of is available with at least one grey variation. The Avensis has three, and Aspen Grey is the lightest of that trio. As with the other metallic options, you’ll have to add £495 to the asking price of a new Avensis for the privilege.

Avantgarde Bronze – £495

This predominantly silver shade has a very subtle gold/brown hint to it. It looks classy, but won’t stand out from the crowd when you’re trying to find the car in a packed multi-storey.

Decuma Grey – £495

This gunmetal shade of grey is found across the Toyota range, from the Yaris to the RAV4. It’s hardly going to set pulses racing, but it looks tidy enough.

Deep Titanium – £495

A tiny splash of blue sets Deep Titanium apart from the other greyish hues for the Avensis. It’s quite a conservative choice, so it should hold its value fairly well.

Eclipse Black – £495

If it’s kept clean, a metallic black looks great on almost any car, and it’s no different for the Avensis. It’s worth bearing in mind that due to the heat a dark car soaks up, the air conditioning will need to be worked a little harder on a nice day!

Havana Brown – £495

Although brown cars are quite desirable at the moment, we’d be quite confident that – just like in the 1970s – its popularity will fade. It may seem like a nice idea now, but there’s a chance that it won’t hold its value as well as some of the ‘safer’ options available.

Orion Blue – £495

Orion Blue is the only colourful option out of the 10 choices for the Avensis. The deep royal blue shade suits it well – not too shouty, but it won’t completely blend in at the local car park either.

Tyrol Silver – £495

A fairly standard silver. It won’t offend, and it’s very likely to be one of the most popular options.

Special paint finishes

For a little extra expense over the cost of a metallic finish, Toyota offers one special paint option for the Avensis. These colours usually feature a different clearcoat or different paint flake (sometimes both) to make them look that little bit more exclusive.

Pearl White – £650

It’s hard to tell from these images, but in the flesh Pearl White really justifies the extra £650 outlay over the standard, no-cost white. In bright sunlight, the pearlescent flake mixed into the paint gives a contemporary, high quality finish, which would add class to almost any car – as long as you keep it clean!

If you are fully committed to washing your car on a regular basis though, we’d recommend pairing Pearl White with one of the darker alloy wheel designs.

Save money on the Toyota Avensis

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