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Volkswagen Golf SV colours guide and prices

October 29, 2015 by

VW’s Golf SV is a solidly built MPV with plenty of room in the cabin and boot. If you’re looking to buy one, bear in mind your choice of colour will affect both how often you have to clean it and how quickly you’ll be able to sell it on. In total, 14 colours are available, including four non-metallic, eight metallic, one pearl and one special shade.

If you’ve decided on the perfect colour, put a Volkswagen Golf SV into our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. If the different paint finishes are leaving you confused, our car paint types guide can help you sort your mattes from your metallics.

Solid colours

Urano Grey – £0

This is a very dark, sleek grey that should do an excellent job of hiding grime between cleans. Given its tastefulness and the general popularity of monotone paint-schemes, we’d expect a Golf SV with this finish to change hands pretty briskly on the used market.

Black – £260

Black is a highly practical choice – perennially popular among UK motorists, so reselling shouldn’t present any headaches. Unfortunately, unlike many dark shades, black doesn’t hide grime well and poor quality car washes can leave ugly swirl marks in their wake.

Pure White – £260

Pure white is another smart choice – it’s one of Britain’s favourite car colours, so you’ll always find a used buyer promptly for a Golf SV in this shade. This version is a little muted rather than dazzling but bear in mind every fleck of grime will show up easily.

Tornado Red – £260

This is a rich, velvety red that could be ideal if you want a bit of vibrance without compromising too much on subtlety. While relatively popular, it might take a little longer to sell than some darker shades. Road grime should stay concealed for longer than on lighter models, however.

Metallic colours

Aztec – £540

This is a dark green shade with hints of grey and brown. It’s certainly a more unusual colour, and arguably something of an acquired taste, which could affect resale speed. As a slightly darker shade, it should do an above average job of concealing dirt and grime.

Carmen Red – £540

This is a vivid, orangey red that adds some character to the Golf SV. Reds are fairly popular and this particular option isn’t too overly garish – you should find reselling a car in this hue a moderately painless task. As a fairly bright colour, this one ought to do an average job of hiding grime between washes.

Habanero Orange – £960

This strong metallic orange could be ideal if you fancy a change from more sober shades. Eye-catching, bright and distinctive though it is, this colour may not be to everyone’s taste, so it may prove tricker to resell. It should do an average job of hiding grubbiness.

Limestone Grey – £540

This is a steely, gunmetal grey that’s smooth and smart. Grey is currently a highly favoured car colour, so selling it on shouldn’t pose any problems. Given this shade’s darkness, you should find dirt remains concealed for a good while, making it an excellent choice for high mileage drivers.

Night Blue – £540

This deep midnight shade makes for a sophisticated choice of colour. Since blue is one of the most popular hues after monochrome, grey and silver, it’ll change hands quickly. It will also go for longer between cleans than a paler colour, making it a practical choice.

Pacific Blue – £540

Paler than ‘Night Blue’, this colour has strong grey tones, making it an original but smart option. You certainly wouldn’t describe it as garish, so it won’t be a tough colour to sell on. A medium-dark shade, it should do a fairly standard job in terms of hiding dust and dirt.

Reflex Silver – £540

Silver often features highly on favourite car colour lists for UK drivers, so this Reflex Silver shade ought to be a safe bet in terms of resale speed. With regards to how often you’ll be cleaning it, it’ll need frequent washes to keep it looking good.

Tungsten Silver – £540

This is a slightly darker version of Reflex Silver, so dirt will remain concealed for marginally longer. Like most muted shades, this is a smart and sensible choice that will give you no hassle when you want to sell your Golf SV.

Pearl colours

Deep Black – £540

This deep, glossy black is made to look even sleeker thanks to pearl effect paint. Universally popular, black makes a smart option for corporate vehicles and is one of the easiest shades to sell on. One note of caution – while darker colours generally hide dirt well, black bucks the trend, especially if cleaned on a budget. Cheap car washes can leave unsightly marks behind.

Special colours

Oryx White – £960

This is a crisp white that’s smart without being overly dazzling. Given the timeless popularity of white as a car colour, selling your vehicle on should be very straightforward. It will, however, need very frequent cleaning to stay in tip-top condition.

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