Vauxhall makes light of Mokka X and Zafira Tourer with new LED headlights

Mike Vousden
July 14, 2016

Vauxhall has made its Mokka X SUV and Zafira Tourer MPV even more tempting with the inclusion of optional LED headlights

Vauxhall will now offer even better value for money for Mokka X and Zafira Tourer customers with the addition of adaptive LED headlights to their option lists. These new units don’t just make the car look better at nighttime, but include a range of technologies to enhance safety and ease of use on the road while also using less energy than conventional headlights.

Unlike traditional halogen headlights, LED lights rely on filaments embedded in plastic rather than glass cases filled with inert gasses. This makes them more durable, reliable and long lasting and, by virtue of their design, they produce a whiter light more akin to daylight than the off-yellow colour of most traditional halogen bulbs.

Vauxhall’s system also includes a feature called ‘country light’ that enhances illumination in rural areas. At speeds above 34mph, the system lengthens the headlight’s range down your lane to help you see further while also casting more light to the pavement side of the road to help you spot small animals and verges commonly found in countryside areas. It also lowers light levels on the other side of the car to avoid dazzling oncoming vehicles.

Arrive at a corner and the new units switch on additional LEDs at the side to light up your direction of travel more effectively. Head back into town and the ‘town light’ setting takes over at speeds below 34mph. This setting shortens the overall reach of the lights but widens the area they illuminate helping the driver get a better idea of obstacles to either side.

In addition, the new headlights engage extra manoeuvring lights when you’re entering a parking space to make such operations safer. These join automatic high beams, daytime running lights and a ‘tourist’ mode that allows the lights to be instantly reconfigured for driving on the other side of the road.

Finally, a new ‘stop mode’ has been included that reduces the lights used when it detects the vehicle’s stop/start system has been activated. Enough remain on to ensure safety in surrounding traffic but this system helps reduce energy used when waiting at traffic lights.

There’s no word on pricing yet but these advanced lights could add up to £1,000 to the purchase price of your Vauxhall. While they’ll add a lot to your ownership experience and will enhance your on road safety, it’s unlikely you’ll recoup all the cost when you come to sell your car to the used market.