2021 Kia Electric Crossover SUV spotted: price, specs and release date

Ryan Hirons
February 04, 2021

Kia will launch a new electric SUV crossover in early 2021. This new model will have sportier styling than the existing Kia e-Niro electric SUV and a greater electric range when it goes on sale before 2022. 

  • New Kia electric car spotted
  • Bold coupe-like styling
  • Approx 300-mile range
  • 100kW fast charging expected
  • Will go on sale this year

Kia’s new electric SUV will be the brand’s first purpose-built electric car, following the Kia e-Niro and Kia Soul EV SUVs. It’s expected to come with sportier crossover styling than those cars, should deliver 300 miles of range, and will cost from around £35,000 when it goes on sale in 2021.

New Kia electric SUV design

Heavy camouflage disguises the new car’s design – for now…

Kia’s new electric car prototype has been spotted in a heavy disguise but you can still see some key details on this test car. The design is thought to be heavily inspired by the Kia Imagine Concept that was unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The new EV could look similar to this Kia concept car from 2019.

You can see similar lines to that concept on the front bumper and arches plus, looking at the new car head-on, it appears to have a decent amount of ground clearance – exactly what you’d expect from a crossover SUV.

Its coupe-like roofline is clear from the side. 

From the side, the coupe-like SUV shape is more obvious. There’s a sweeping roofline that tapers off towards the boot and a set of large wheels have been designed with maximum aerodynamic efficiency in mind to help boost range.

There’s little to see at the back as a result of this prototype electric car’s camouflage, although you can make out the tapered roof and slanted rear windscreen.

Wheels designed for aerodynamic efficiency are on show here

Previous images of the car showed slight flashes of exposed bodywork in a photographer-unfriendly wrap, but this one drops that with silver paint exposed. It doesn’t reveal a great deal more, but you do get a clear view of the sloping roof and plastic-clad front wheel arches.

This teaser is the first official image from Kia of the new car.

Kia has also released an official teaser image of this new crossover. It doesn’t reveal a great deal about the new car’s design, but you can spot a subtle rear spoiler perched on top of the sloping coupe-style roof.

New Kia electric SUV interior

Expect the new car’s cabin to look a bit more exciting than the e-Niro’s, shown here…

No images of the interior of the Kia CV have surfaced just yet, but because it’s set to be the flagship SUV in Kia’s line-up, you can expect the manufacturer to make a serious to impress with this car’s cabin.

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Expect it to be a rather comfortable place to be with a good mix of materials used for the trim and upholstery, and you can put money on there being a large touchscreen or two. Headroom in the rear may take a hit as a result of the sloping roofline, however.

New Kia electric SUV batteries and charging

The new Kia SUV will share plenty of components with the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The new Kia SUV will be built using a collection of components developed specifically for electric cars by Kia and Hyundai. This will also serve as a base for the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5.

It’s expected the Kia CV will offer around 300 miles of driving range and an empty-to-80% recharging time of less than 20 minutes using the latest 100kW public fast chargers. Expect a full charge using an 11kW wallbox to take around 6 hours.

New Kia electric SUV price and release date

Expect to see the finished car in the first half of 2021.

Kia has confirmed the new crossover SUV will be revealed in the first half 2021, and it’s expected to go on sale shortly after that. Kia’s most popular electric car, the e-Niro, currently costs from around £33,000 in the UK, but you can expect this new model to cost a bit more thanks to its greater predicted range.

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