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Mazda 2 colours guide and prices

When the time comes to buy a new car, it makes sense to be thorough. Do the research, discover the perfect car for you, and make sure you get the best price from the best dealer.

If you’re here, you might well have decided that the Mazda 2 is the car for you. It’s an excellent choice – the handsome supermini offers a genuine alternative to the perennially class-leading Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo. Now it’s time to decide on the slightly more fun stuff. Which colour is most ‘you’?

There might be some owners of the previous 2 who will be disappointed to discover that the old Lime Green metallic paint finish is no longer available – it certainly stood out from the crowd – but there are still some desirable choices among the familiar range of silvers and greys. Let’s take a look at how each one matches up to Mazda’s baby of the range.

Non-metallic colours

Generally manufacturers will offer one or maybe two basic paint finishes which won’t add any extra cost to the basic purchase price of the car. If you’re looking for something more fancy, you’ll generally have to pay for the privilege.

Arctic White (£0)

Mazda’s only no-cost paint option for the 2 is Arctic White. The 2 has a crisp, modern look from the outside, so even a relatively plain finish like this works well on the little supermini.

Metallic colours

Mazda seems to be much more a fan of pearlescent finishes than regular metallic shades, and as a result, only one metallic finish is available.

Aluminium Silver Metallic (£530)

Although a smart silver works well on pretty much any car, we can’t help but feel that superminis are meant to be a little bit fun, and this perhaps this isn’t the most exciting shade you could choose. It is unlikely that anyone will actively dislike it though, so at least it will be a sensible choice when it comes to residual values.

Pearl effect

The pearlescent finishes are generally known as ‘Mica’ in Mazda’s options list. Mica refers to the synthetic flakes mixed into the paint, which rather than reflecting light as metallic flakes do, instead disperse the light, which lends the finish a subtly different tint depending on the angle you look at it.

Snowflake White Pearl (£530)

From these images (taken from Mazda’s car configurator) it’s hard to notice a great difference between this and the cheaper Arctic White. Take them both out on a sunny day, though and the difference is obvious. The pearl finish gives a much deeper, more expensive appearance. Just make sure you keep it clean for the best effect!

Metropolitan Grey Mica (£530)

As with the silver, it could be argued that Metropolitan Grey perhaps looks a little too sensible for the 2, though anyone who is after an upmarket appearance from their small hatchback might well be drawn to this tone first.

Black Mica (£530)

It’s hard to go wrong with a black car; it’s able to make even the most basic models of a car’s range look sporty and youthful. The same applies here, and it comes with the added bonus that it never looks particularly grubby.

Deep Crystal Blue Mica (£530)

Anyone after a ‘baby luxury car’ look for their Mazda 2 should certainly give this shade a try. We think it would look fantastic combined with the black/stone leather trim available in Sport Nav models.

Dynamic Blue Mica (£530)

One of the more youthful shades in the range, Dynamic Blue works really well here. The mid-blue finish sets off the chrome accents around the angular front grille, helping to provide a modern yet classy finish.

Smokey Rose Mica (£530)

We feel that Smokey Rose Mica will be something of an acquired taste, and perhaps the least desirable option on the used car market. Essentially a pale metallic lilac, to some it may be an interesting niche, but to us it seems a little too 1990s…

Special colours

If a manufacturer offers a Special finish, it normally denotes a colour which – in the brand’s opinion – suits the car best, and perhaps which is likely to be the strongest seller.

Soul Red (£650)

It may be the most expensive finish on the options list, but to our eyes the extra £120 over the other metallic and pearl finishes would be money well spent. You’ll recognise the shade from any of the press images Mazda has released for the 2, which clearly shows how highly Mazda thinks of it.

We have to agree: it’s bright, looks expensive, and fairly eye-catching out on the road – only Alfa Romeo offers a similarly distinctive red.

Found the 2 in the hue for you?

Now you’ve made your mind up, read our full Mazda 2 review, then take a look at our carwow configurator to search for the best deal from franchised Mazda dealers across the country. It’s quick, simple and an easy way to save money!

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