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carwow's Best New Coupe 2012 - The VW Scirocco


It may have been on sale for four years now, but praise for the Scirocco isnt dying down - if anything, its becoming easier with time to see just how talented the Scirocco really is.
That praise starts with the styling, which hasnt dated in four years and remains eye-catching out on the road. Its every bit the modern-day equivalent of its 1980s predecessor, making you question why youd buy a three-door Golf over the sleek coupe. That its also cheaper than the equivalent Golf makes the Scirocco seem an even sweeter deal.
There are plenty of engines to choose from too, whether you like petrols or diesels. The range-topping Scirocco R has taken some high-profile scalps in some road tests - notably the Ford Focus RS - and if parsimony is more your thing than performance, then the BlueMotion Technology diesel impresses with its 62.8mpg fuel economy.
Critics arent disappointed by the driving experience either - they describe a car thats fun to drive, with precise steering, a comfortable ride and a more dynamic feel than the already-impressive Golf on which the Scirocco is based. The low-slung seating position only adds to the experience, with an ideal driving position and comfortable seats. Sure, the rear isnt as spacious as the Golf, but when youre looking this good and having that much fun, who cares?
Itll be a while before the Scirocco is replaced in Volkswagens range, but on the evidence of the excellent reviews its had since launch, Volkswagen doesnt need to rush. Its the carwow coupe of the year.
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