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BMW i3 electric car colours guide and prices

October 02, 2015 by

The electric BMW i3 offers a relaxing drive and is lightweight thanks to being constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium. But the colour you choose will have a big impact on both frequency of cleaning and resale speed, so select yours with care.

The BMW i3 comes in six colours, with two solid and four metallic hues on offer for both the standard and range extender versions. See our car paint types guide to understand the difference between solid, metallic and special finishes.

Solid colours

Capparis White with BMW i blue highlight – £0

White is currently a dead cert when it comes to resale values. This shiny off-white comes with a contrasting bonnet in black and a blue flash below both doors. Unusually, you won’t have to pay extra for this popular hue. Just be prepared to get the bucket and sponge out frequently.

Arravani Grey with BMW i blue highlight (£0)

This dark grey is a smart hue that’s one of the colours of the moment, so your car will change hands swiftly. It’s a great choice for company fleets, and this classic shade will also keep dirt hidden for quite a while.

Metallic Colours

Solar Orange Metallic with frozen grey highlight (£530)

With grey detailing and a contrasting black boot, this rich orange shade will certainly attract glances at traffic lights. It’s an original hue that, arguably, you may love or hate. This means not all used buyers will be taken with it. It should fare averagely in terms of how often it’ll need cleaning.

Laurus Grey Metallic with BMW i blue highlight (£530)

A slightly lighter, shinier shade than the other grey in the line-up, this isn’t one to frighten the horses and is sober enough for executive models. There will be no adverse impact on speed of selling on, and this colour will hide grime for noticeably longer than a paler version.

Andesit Silver Metallic with BMW i blue highlight (£530)

This classic, glossy silver, set off by a contrasting rear door and blue detailing, will be one of the swiftest shades to sell on. It’s not bad at hiding road grime, either, and is certainly better than white. But you may need more frequent trips to the carwash than you’d like if you put in some serious miles.

Ionic Silver Metallic with BMW i blue highlight (£530)

The lightest shade in the line-up bar the white, this elegant, pale silver is on-trend so you won’t be hanging around for a buyer. Bear in mind, however, that it may not be the best choice if you don’t plan on making frequent visits to the car wash.

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