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Ford B-Max colours guide and prices

November 11, 2015 by

The Ford B-Max is a small, practical mini-MPV that’s fun to drive and has handy sliding rear doors. If your heart is set on one, your colour choice could significantly affect how regularly you’ll be cleaning your car and how easy it’ll be to find a used buyer.

The B-Max has four trim levels offering three solid, four metallic and four special shades to choose from. Not all are available at all trim levels – the basic Studio version, for example, only offers the solid colours, metallic Moondust Silver and Shadow Black Mica. Special colours are only offered on the pricier trim levels.

If you’re sold on it, put the Ford B-Max in our car configurator to see how much acrwow could help you save. Our car paint types guide can help explain the difference between solid, metallic and special paint finishes.

Solid colours

Blazer Blue – £0

This is a smart navy that would be a good choice for those wanting to fly under the radar. It’s a practical colour because blue’s popularity will make reselling a doddle while, as a darker shade, road grubbiness will stay concealed for a fair old while.

Race Red – £0

This is a bright, mid-range red that’s great for those wanting a little more colour in their lives. In terms of hiding grime, it trails darker shades but’ll do a better job than white or light silver. Used buyers won’t flock to this shade like they will for monochrome colours but it shouldn’t take too long to shift.

Frozen White – £250

White will always be an easy shade to find a used buyer for considering its popularity. The obvious drawback, however, is that it’ll show up every spot of road dirt extremely quickly, so be prepared to clean it more often than any other hue.

Metallic Colours

Nautical Blue – £495

This is a jaunty, mid-spectrum blue with a nice sheen thanks to the metallic finish. It’s one of the most sought-after vehicular shades so don’t foresee any massive resale delays. You’ll probably find yourself cleaning it more often than a darker hue, but less frequently than a paler one.

Moondust Silver – £495

This steely silver is a restrained and tasteful colour that won’t put off used buyers. Silver is one of the most popular colours so you shouldn’t be waiting long for a used buyer. Be aware that, being towards the paler end of the colour spectrum, dirt will show up quite quickly.

Deep Impact Blue – £495

This is an intense, rich blue that’s ideal if you want your B-Max to look more upmarket. It could be a touch too bright for some but, for the most part, you should find it easy to sell on. It’ll do an average job of concealing grime between washes.

Magnetic – £495

This is a grey/brown shade that’s smart and distinctive. It’s quite an unusual colour, so might take longer to change hands than a monochrome shade. This colour’s darkness should mean you can get away with pretty lengthy spells between car wash visits.

Special colours

Shadow Black – £495

This jet black is a good colour for company cars and will make your B-Max look very smart indeed. Black is one of the UK’s favourite car colours, so reselling should be a brisk affair. While dark shades generally conceal dirt for longer, black is the exception. Equally, cheaper car washes can leave unattractive swirl marks in their wake, so use a good quality one.

Burnished Glow – £625

This colour is a glossy bronze shade that’s pretty distinctive. While you might enjoy standing out on the road, this colour won’t be for everyone, so there’s a chance it could hold things up when it comes to selling on. Dirt will remain hidden for longer than on a paler car, though a darker shade will, of course, need washing less often.

Tectonic Silver – £625

This is a mid-spectrum silver with brown tones. It won’t be the most popular used colour but, thanks to being subtle, it shouldn’t affect reselling speed too badly. Dirt should stay concealed for a fairly long time, too.

Red Rush – £625

This is a deep maroon red that manages to be both stylish and distinctive. It’s great for the more extrovert buyers but it might take a little longer to sell on as a result. As a darker shade, this colour will hide road grime for longer than many lighter hues.

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