Vauxhall Insignia and Sports Tourer colours guide and prices

April 12, 2016 by

The Vauxhall Insignia and Insignia Sports Tourer estate are the brand’s answer to the likes of the Ford Mondeo and the Mazda 6. If you’re looking to buy one, the paint colour is a vital decision and can affect how often you’re cleaning your car and how easily you’ll find its next buyer. The Insignia and Sports Tourer come in a variety of trim levels, with a similar palette throughout, though the high performance VXR Supersport drops some paint options. Often the various choices can seem overwhelming, but our colours guide, with relevant prices, is here to help. Our car paint types guide can help you work out the difference between solid and metallic paints. Once you’ve chosen the perfect shade, use our Vauxhall Insignia and Insignia Sports Tourer configurator to get a great deal.

Solid colours

Power Red – £0

This bold pillar box red is a good choice if you fancy some colour in your life. Considering it’s not a monochrome shade, it might take a little longer to sell on than a subtler colour. It should do an average job of hiding grime between washes.

Royal Blue – £0 (Not available on VXR Supersport models)

This deep blue is another great choice if you want a little colour, but don’t want to stick out in a crowd. Blue is one of the most favoured car hues on the used market, so selling on should be easy. As a darker colour, it’ll hide dirt fairly well before needing a wash.

Brilliant colours

Summit White – £275

This pure white is a great choice and is the nation’s favourite car colour. Used buyers will be happy to choose this colour so reselling should be a piece of cake. The inevitable downside, though, is the frequency with which you’ll be getting out the bucket and sponge – white offers no hiding place for road grime.

Metallic colours

Aurum Green – £545 (Not available on VXR Supersport models)

This pale olive green has slightly grey tones and manages to be unusual but not garish. It should sell on fairly promptly and will hide dirt for a long time thanks to its almost khaki hue.

Carbon Flash – £545

This black will give your Insignia a seek finish and will be ideal for company cars buyers. Black always sells briskly, so there’ll be no worries on the resales front. While darker shades generally hide dirt, black bucks the trend and will require frequent scrubbing to keep it looking good.

Sovereign Silver – £545 (Not available on VXR Supersport models)

This light silver is unlikely to offend anyone so you’ll easily find a purchaser when you need to sell it on. Keep it clean, however, because motorway grime will show up very quickly. You might want to think again if your mileage is high or if you regularly use rural routes.

Shiny Rock – £545

This is another silvery colour that’s a tad darker than the Sovereign shade described above. It’s a sought-after colour so you won’t be hanging around for a buyer when you want to sell your Insignia on but, like most other light colours, will need lots of cleaning to keep it looking sharp.

Flip Chip Silver – £545 (Not available on VXR Supersport models)

This steely silver is also quite light – lying somewhere on the spectrum between the two shades mentioned above with a hint of blue. Equally, while resale should be fairly easy, you may find yourself on cleaning duties more frequently than darker shades.

Pearlescent colours

Emerald Green – £545 (Not available on VXR Supersport models)

This rich green is an intense shade that’ll give your Insignia a more distinctive finish than black or grey. While green isn’t the most popular choice for used buyers, this shade is smart and tasteful so shouldn’t be too tricky to sell. What’s more, its darkness means grubbiness should stay hidden for a while.

Dark Sea Blue – £545 (Not available on VXR Supersport models)

It may have dark in its name but this blue is actually relatively light. Blue typically sells well, so we don’t envisage any difficulty reselling this colour. In terms of hiding dirt, you may find grime makes its presence felt more swiftly than a darker colour.

Macadamia – £545 (Not available on VXR Supersport models)

This is rich espresso brown will be excellent at hiding grime so will require only the bare minimum of car washes. It’s not the most common car colour around so could be great if you fancy something more interesting than black or grey. Brown tops few favourite car colour lists, so selling on might take slightly longer than a more common shade.

Asteroid Grey – £545

After monochrome, grey is one of the UK’s fastest-selling car colours. This mid-spectrum version, with hints of brown, ought to be no exception to that rule. Its darkness means you shouldn’t have to frequent your local car wash too often.

Save money on your new Vauxhall Insignia

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