All-new 2020 Honda Jazz price, specs and release date

October 23, 2019 by

The 2020 Honda Jazz will be offered as a petrol-electric hybrid only – here’s everything carwow has on the car’s price, specs and release date.

  • Revealed

    2020 Honda Jazz

  • Specs include

    hybrid powertrain

  • Release date and price

    2020, from around £18,500

2020 Honda Jazz price and release date

The new Honda Jazz will go on sale in the summer of 2020. Prices have yet to be confirmed but because of its expensive hybrid powertrain, you can expect it to cost around £18,000 putting it on an even keel with hybrid versions of the Toyota Yaris. 

2020 Honda Jazz specs

There’s not much to say about the exterior of the new Honda Jazz – well, except for the fact it looks very like the old model.

Upfront, its headlights look like they have been carved out of the bodywork. Around the sides, it gets the old car’s van-like (Honda calls it ‘monospace’) profile, while the most notable change at the back are the horizontal tail lights that replace the old vertical units. In fact, some of the exterior changes might be more easily spotted from inside the Jazz – like the slim A-pillars around the windscreen, which are half the width of the ones on the old model, improving your visibility out of the front of the car. 

Keep your eyes inside and you’ll spot the new Jazz gets a larger central infotainment screen that floats in front of the central air-conditioning vents. Meanwhile, behind the (now two-spoke) steering wheel you’ll spot another digital display, which replaces the current model’s heavily cowled dials. From the pictures at least, everything looks well put together and we can also see the Jazz has loads of interior storage, including large door bins, cup holders and a shallow tray in front of the gearstick. 

One of the functions the current car is famous for – its Magic Seats – also remain. As a result, the new Jazz’s back seats can fold flat into the floor or you can fold the leg rests vertically, for carrying tall items like house plants or even a kid’s bike in the rear footwells. Keep the back seats folded up and you can expect the Jazz to have room for four adults with plenty of luggage space for a couple of large suitcases. 

Unfortunately, while the Jazz’s hybrid engine is the most interesting thing about it, Honda hasn’t gone into a huge amount of detail other than to say it will feature two electric motors giving it a ‘blend of strong and effortless driving performance and impressive fuel economy’. What seems likely is that it’ll feature a scaled-down version of the hybrid engine is the Honda CR-V, which has a 2.0-litre petrol that, most of the time, acts only as a generator to power the car’s electric motors. A similar system in the smaller and lighter Jazz could easily return fuel economy of more than 60mpg.

Another high-tech addition is the car’s long list of autonomous driving aids, which can now steer the Jazz on roads without street markings, accelerate and brake for you even in heavy traffic, detect and brake for pedestrians at night and apply the anchors if another car cuts across you.