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2020 Mercedes E-Class spotted

Russell Campbell
December 13, 2018

New pics reveal 2019 Mercedes E-Class saloon facelift, following the recent spot of the estate model

  • Spotted

    2019 Mercedes E-Class saloon facelift

  • Release date

    middle of 2019

  • Price from


It might not look like it, but the Mercedes E-Class is in need of a facelift and this it. The 2019 Mercedes E-Class will give the company’s mid-sized saloon – an alternative to the newer BMW 5 Series and Audi A6 – a smartened-up exterior and better interior infotainment.

Exterior revisions will be limited. As a result, you can expect the E-Class to get a bolder grille design that’ll be more in keeping with the single-rung look of the new Mercedes A-Class and C-Class. The headlights of the car in our pictures are smaller and neater than the ones fitted to the current model to give the car a frowning appearance. Expect them to get a new LED light signature along with the possibility that you’ll be able to option powerful laser lights on top of the standard LEDs and optional matrix LEDs you can currently have.

The temporary lights at the back of this prototype make it extremely hard to second guess how the 2019 Mercedes E-Class will look from behind, but expect new light designs and a modified bumper – although, sadly, Mercedes’ penchant for fake exhaust pipes appears to be alive and well.

And if all that sounds a bit vague, then it’s because we expect the big  changes to happen on the inside of the 2019 Mercedes E-Class. There, it is likely to get the same augmented sat-nav – with directions that seem to hover above the road on the car’s infotainment screen – which bagged the Mercedes A-Class the Innovation Award at the carwow 2018 Car of the Year ceremony.