Get hayfever? The 2015 Ford Mondeo won’t get up your nose

Ford reckons that, at around 60mph, a sneeze could leave you with your eyes closed for 20 meters – more than enough to get into trouble. Having goo cabin air filtration could save a lot of tissues and potentially even save your life.

The time has come for hayfever sufferers to rejoice, however. No, not because winter is here, but because Ford has made a car just for you. The latest Mondeo is the company’s first model to be fitted with high-quality air filters which hope to make sneezing at (and on) the wheel a thing of the past.

Thanks to filters constructed from active charcoal, Ford claims its new system is capable of blocking ultra fine particles, including 99% of pollen and almost all nitrogen dioxide – one of the major triggers of asthma.

Gas mask technology

Inspired by technology used in gas masks and spacesuits, the filters are also combined with sensors which detect any harmful gases outside and shut down vents accordingly. It’ll also mean that the number of nasty odours entering the car should reduce, so the Mondeo should allow you to enjoy the sights of the countryside without forcing you to smell it.

There is a serious side to this new technology, though. Ford says that a quarter of all Europeans suffer from hayfever. Sneezing behind the wheel can result in a driver closing their eyes for approximately half a second, which at 60mph means that they might have traveled blind for as much as 20 meters. According to one study that Ford cite, those that suffer from hayfever are a third more likely to be involved in a collision than those that don’t, so this technology could potentially reduce road accidents.

We’re not sure about those gloomy stats, but still, anything that helps sufferers is good in our books.

Goo residuals

Servicing intervals for the new filter are almost twice as long as the old Ford system, at two years/18,000 miles, which means that in theory servicing costs should reduce slightly. The next Ford after the Mondeo to receive the advanced filters will be the new S-Max, which is due in the middle of 2015.

Best of all, we predict that this new tech will make future Fords a great used buy, because drivers will have spent less time wiping their nasal discharges all over the main controls…

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