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Here’s what the 2016 Ford GT GT3 race car should look like

Ford’s new GT is bouncing around the brains of every petrolhead from here to Australia and we at carwow have had a guess at what the GT3 race car might look like (scroll to the bottom of this post for a beautiful uncropped version of the image). The last GT became a regular fixture in GT3 racing so it’s a safe bet the new one will follow suit.

Keeping with GT3 rules, the car isn’t too visually dissimilar from the road car – the only major modification is a full aerodynamic package, essential when approaching the thick end of 200mph. A carbon fibre splitter, side strakes and a diffuser add visual weight to the body while a monster rear spoiler keeps the rear wheels shoved into the road surface.

Most prominently, the GT3 car features its full racing livery – we’ve imagined it in the iconic Martini racing colours. The crisp white paint is set off by bold red and blue stripes that follow the curves and contours of the GT’s body making for a purposeful and attractive racing car.

The old Ford GT was a regular fixture in GT3 racing

Other typical race car modifications include single-nut lightweight racing wheels, tow hoops and spots for cameras in the wing mirrors. Side windows are swapped out for polycarbonate ones with a simple hatch and extra cooling vents for the engine, brakes and gearbox are hewn into the bodywork.

As different as the outside is, the inside would need even more modification to make it race-ready. A full FIA-spec roll cage would form the structural backbone of the car and keep the driver safe. Suspension, brakes, steering, seats and gauges would all be swapped out for lightweight racing ones, along with removing almost all trim and sound deadening – all the better to enjoy the wail of the engine.

A typical GT3 grid

And what engine? Ford is so keen to promote its new range of turbocharged EcoBoost units that it’s taken the unprecedented step of putting a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 in place of the traditional roaring V8. As with lots of modern turbocharged engines, however, it isn’t likely to be in short supply of power – in fact, like the McLaren 650S GT3 racer, it might have to be detuned from the road car’s 600hp to comply with GT3 rules.

You can stop drooling now…

The road-going Ford GT will arrive at some point in 2016, and if the race teams get cracking now they could get GT3-ready cars on the track in the same year. Check out our preview of the new Ford GT and our little rant about its interior, then take a look at the 2015 Honda NSX and let us know in the comments section below which you’d rather blast down the Mulsanne straight in. Start your engines!

2016 Ford GT GT3 image by YasidDESIGN.

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