Ford Kuga options – which to buy?

The Ford Kuga is one of the most popular SUVs on the market. Thanks to competitive prices and an enjoyable driving experience, it offers a compelling alternative to the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Tiguan.

While every model is well stocked with goodies (electric windows, alloy wheels and automatic air conditioning are all included as standard across the range) buyers still have the option to tweak the specification to their own liking.

So which options are worth going for? We’ve poured over the spec sheets to find which features are worth splashing out on, and which are more of a gimmick.

Essential options

Metallic paint – £545

The Kuga is available in a total of eleven paint shades. Of those, three are solid paint finishes. For a little extra depth and sparkle to the outside of your car, we’d recommend spending £545 for one of the metallic hues. Once they’re cleaned and polished up, they will make the Kuga look like a much higher quality item, and for that reason they’ll help it keep its value better on the used market.

Driver assist pack – £550

Staying safe behind the wheel is never a bad idea. Ford’s Driver Assist Pack brings Active City Stop, Lane Keeping Aid, Traffic Sign Recognition, Driver Alert and an Automatic High Beam which could all help to not only make your everyday drive slightly less stressful, but could one day prevent you from being involved in an accident too.

We hope that soon manufacturers like Ford include these systems as standard, but for now it’s well worth the £550.

Useful options

Keyless opening – £700

Keyless entry is gradually finding its way onto more and more new cars. As long as the remote fob is about your person, you simply walk up to the car and the door will unlock automatically. Once you’re inside, there is no key, either – simply press the starter button and the engine fires up.

On the Kuga, Ford has added one extra party trick to its version of the system. If your hands are full with heavy items, a simple wave of the foot below the rear bumper will open the boot automatically. It’s much easier than perilously leaning said items against something to free up one hand to search for the key. It’s a doddle to use and could save you a whole heap of hassle not to mention broken crockery.

Navigation system with DAB and SYNC – £750

This comprehensive infotainment system already includes sat-nav but the inclusion of SYNC will help to avoid distractions, too. The system has the ability to pair your mobile device to the Kuga via Bluetooth, it can then accept voice commands, you can talk over the phone hands free, and it will read your text messages.

For radio fans, the inclusion of DAB is a must, because broadcasters are phasing out old FM/AM channels.

Frivolous options

19″ Alloy wheels – £300

Nobody really needs big alloy wheels. Sure, they may look nice, but in truth all that they’ll do is spoil the ride quality. Still, with prices for a 19″ upgrade ranging from £300-700, it’s a reasonable deal if showing off is the number one priority.

Convenience pack – £550

The Convenience Pack includes several features to make the big SUV a little easier to park in tight spaces. The main point of interest is what Ford calls Active Park Assist.

First debuted in Ford’s range on the Focus, the clever system makes use of the parking sensors front and rear to scan the side of the road (or car park) for an available parking space. Once a suitable space has been found, the system instructs the driver to control the pedals as it autonomously steers into the space. It’s quite unnerving at first, but works well.

Kuga Town

If you’re taken by the Ford Kuga, or any of its options, head over to our car configurator to see how much money carwow could help you save. For more options, head over to our deals page to see our latest discounts.

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