Ford EcoSport colours guide and prices

September 09, 2015 by

The Ford EcoSport is a spacious small SUV that gives a nice high driving position in a car that you can park in the tiniest of spaces. But what’s the best colour for it?

The EcoSport comes in a choice of two solid colours and five metallic shades.

Here, we have pictures of this car in all available colours, with prices and a short description for each one. Not sure of the differences between solid, pearl effect and metallic paints? Don’t forget we also have a car paints guide to clear things up.

Solid colours

Bright Yellow – £0

This is the only free colour for the EcoSport, and it’s a pretty bright lemon that will certainly stand out, but may not be to everyone’s tastes. Given that it’s a shade unusual, you may find it takes longer to sell than other colours.

Diamond White – £250

This is quite a bright white, and all the inevitable dust and grime from being on the road will become visible more quickly than on any other shade. That said, white is the UK’s favourite car colour so you won’t have any problems at all when it comes to finding a buyer.

Metallic colours

Moondust Silver – £495

This super-smart shade is a mid-spectrum silver that offers a happy compromise between white and black when it comes to showing up dirt. Equally, with silver being among our most popular car colours just now, selling on a vehicle in this hue is unlikely to give you any headaches.

Smoke Grey – £495

A very dark shade of grey this, so any dirt will be hidden for a long time before it can be seen. It sets off the Ecosport’s chrome grille nicely too.

Panther Black – £495

This glossy colour is the darkest and arguably the smartest shade there is. If you’re not a fan of the car wash or bucket and sponge, it could be the perfect hue for your EcoSport. And given our current obsession with monochrome cars, you won’t be looking for a buyer for long.

Kinetic Blue – £495

This is quite a bright colour and may not be everyone’s top choice, but it should fare pretty well in terms of how long you can leave it between washes. It gives the Ecosport a more youthful appearance, and we think it’s the cheeriest shade unless you go for…

Mars Red – £495

A dense metallic red that’s almost orangey. This colour may not frighten the horses, exactly, but still could be a touch too bright for some. On the other hand, if you want to stand out, take another look!

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